NMBU MSCA Postdoctoral masterclass 2021


Two streams will be followed to recruit candidates to the program:

  1. An open call for candidates (Euraxess)
  2. Researchers at NMBU nominating candidates from their network

We would like to reach even more talented young researcher while at the same time helping NMBU researchers profiling themselves as potential supervisors. New in 2021 is that we will have an open call for candidates to the NMBU MSCA Postdoctoral Masterclass. In order to do so we need NMBU researchers to come up with potential topics and present themselves. We therefore ask interested NMBU researchers to fill in the “Form for supervisors -suggested topic” and send it to per.ivar.hovring@nmbu.no no later than 3. January. As in 2020, supervisors can nominate candidates from their network. The deadline for this will be 3. March  2021.

Supervisors are normally experienced researchers, i.e. professors or associate professors. The supervisor is expected to aid the candidate to prepare an application for an up to 24 months stay in Norway. Please see the full outline of the programme below. Contact form and application procedure for those that would like to nominate candidates from own network will be provided later.

Programme outline*:




3. January 2020

Deadline for NMBU supervisors send in suggested topics


January 2021

EURAXESS advertisements


27. February 2021

Deadline for candidates to apply


3. March 2021

Deadline for supervisors to evaluate candidates (after advertisement and propose candidates.

Same deadline applies to propose candidates from own network


10. March

Proposed candidate evaluated by EU-team and selected candidates are invited to introduction webinar and NMBU MSCA-IF Symposium


March 2021

Introduction webinar - MSCA IF basics


Early April 2020              

Workshop/pre-meeting for supervisors

EU-Team / Supervisors

Mid-April 2021             


3 days MSCA IF Symposium -day 1: how to apply -day 2: Get to know NMBU / practical aspects etc -day 3: candidate and supervisor works on the proposal

EU-Team / Trend 2000 / Candidates / Supervisors

Early June 2021              

Pre-evaluation 1.draft

Candidates/ EU-team

5. August 2021              

Deadline to submit second draft (full proposal) for Pre-evaluation by external consultant

Input to administrative forms in the electronic proposal system

Candidates / Trend 2000

Candidates /EU-team

Early September

Expected deadline for submission


 *: The work programme and call deadline for 2021 is not yet published. Hence there may be minor changes in the programme.

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