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About NMBU
The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), is a recognized cutting-edge international centre of knowledge, focused on higher education and research within environmental and biosciences. Its seven faculties offer 65 study programmes to 5600 students. Approximately 17% of the students are from foreign countries. The university hosts over 480 PhD students. NMBU's research is enabling people all over the world to tackle the global challenges regarding the environment, sustainable development, how to improve human and animal health, renewable energy sources, landscape architecture and planning, as well as land and resource management. NMBU hosts three Centres of Excellence funded by the Norwegian Research Council and one Nordic Centre of Excellence funded by Nordic Council of Ministers. NMBU is the coordinator of several H2020 collaborative projects, including MSCA ITN and an d the host of an ERC Synergy grant.

What is MSCA PF?
The goal of MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships is to enhance the creative and innovative potential of researchers holding a PhD, wishing to acquire new skills through advanced training, international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility. MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships are open to excellent researchers of any nationality, including researchers wishing to reintegrate in Europe, researchers who are displaced by conflict as well as researchers with high potential aiming for a career restart in research. The scheme also encourages researchers to work on research and innovation projects in the non-academic sector. You can find useful information following the link below to a presentation given by the Norwgian National Contact Points (NCP) for MSCA last year: The basics of MSCA IF. How to develop a competitive Individual Fellowship proposal. You can also watch one of last years webinars at https://videoportal.rcn.no/#/videos/543ad16e-50cf-4d17-abd7-1dbaec00a7cc

The MSCA-PF-2021 Call is expected to open on 15. April 2021 with a deadline of 15. September 2021.

About the NMBU MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship Masterclass
Through the masterclass we offer a complete training package for MSCA-PF applicants that intend to apply with NMBU as host institution

  • We will start introduction webinar late March to give participants and overview of the masterclass and the MSCA PF basics
  • The main event is a 3-days webinar which will be hold Mid April 2021.
    All necessary information regarding the proposal phase will be given.
    -day 1: how to apply (Trend 2000)
    -day 2: Get to know NMBU / practical aspects, IPR, ethics etc.
    -day 3: candidate and supervisor works on the proposal, individual sessions with consultant
  • The NMBU EU team will comment on your first draft of the MSCA PF proposal in JuneYour proposal will be send to a consultancy agency early August for a pre-evaluation

The MSCA-PF-2021 deadline is expected to be 15th September 2021.

How to submit your application for the Masterclass:

Your Masterclass application must contain:
The completed Marie Skłodowska-Curie MASTERCLASS NMBU 2021 application form, including:

  • A presentation of the main research which will form the basis of the MSCA Postdoctoral fellowship proposal (max 2.)
  • Motivation to choose NMBU as future Host Institution – (max. 1 p.)
  • CV and track-record the applicant (max 5 p, see template in the application form)

NEW DEADLINE! Deadline for applying is 9th April 2021
Please send the completed application  to per.ivar.hovring@nmbu.no

Proposed supervisors at NMBU
We have updated our list of available NMBU researchers willing to act as supervisor for a MSCA postdoctoral fellow. You find it  here.


  • The postdoctoral fellows must hold a doctoral degree that was defended no longer than 8 years prior 15. September 2021 (the expected call deadline).
  • Periods of inactivity in research (e.g. unemployment, periods of employment outside research, parental or sick leave) do not count towards the time of research experience.
    The postdoctoral fellow may be of any nationality. No age restrictions apply.
  • The postdoctoral fellow cannot have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Norway for more than 12 months in the three years immediately before the call.


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