30 Oct - Paul Beaumont (LANDSAM)

Norwegian thesis title:
"Statuskonkurransens Grammatikk: Internasjonale Hierarkier som Innenlandsk Praksis"

Prescribed title of trial lecture:
"What role does the international play in the grammar of status competition and how should we study it?"

Evaluation Committee:

  • First opponent: Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Second opponent: Professor William C. Wohlforth, Department of Government, Dartmouth College, USA
  • Chair of the committee: Associate Professor Katharina Glaab, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, LANDSAM


  • Main supervisor: Associate Professor Kirsti Stuvøy, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, LANDSAM
  • Co-supervisor: Senior Research Fellow Benjamin de Carvalho, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

 This trial lecture and public defence will be held in digital form with limited physical presence due to the Corona situation. If you wish to attend in person please send an e-mail to josie.teurlings@nmbu.no to register.

 All are welcome to attend the on Zoom, but please read the guidelines below before you open the link. This is to ensure that the disputation can be held without interruption and background noise.

 Place: room U328 - Clock building, Campus Ås and Zoom https://nmbu.zoom.us/j/62897960228?pwd=MWdsRHFicU5ZYnU2VHArVitRMlA5QT09

Passcode: 585985

Time schedule:

Friday 30 October, 14:00

14:00 – 15:00 Welcome and trial lecture
15:00 – 15:10 Break
15:10 – 15:40 Presentation of the research by the PhD candidate
15:40 – 17:30 Public defence

Thesis summary

Guidance for attendance in Zoom:

- Do not use camera

- Put your microphone on mute

-The defence will be open to the public and the audience can ask ex-auditorio questions when invited

-We advise you to test your equipment beforehand

The doctoral thesis is available for public review. For those wishing to access a copy of the thesis please send an e-mail to josie.teurlings@nmbu.no

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