03 Apr - Francesco Delogu (KBM)

Norwegian title of thesis: Tilbake til det grunnleggende: Forenkling av mikrobielle samfunn for å tolke komplekse interaksjoner

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture: “Host-microbiome interactions. How can we study the “holobiont”?”
“Samspillet mellom vert og mikrobiom. Hvordan kan vi studere «holobionten»?

Time and place for the trial lecture: Thursday 12. March 2020, at 10:15, Library BTB

Evaluation committee - trial lecture:
First opponent: Associate professor Lars-Gustav Snipen, KBM
Second opponent: Associate professor Bjørge Westereng, KBM
Committee coordinator: Professor Åsa Helena Frostegård, KBM


Time and place for the public defence:
Friday 3. April 2020, at 13:00 (the digital meeting room will open earlier)
The disputation can be attended by using the following link in Zoom: https://nmbu.zoom.us/j/959231442

This public defence will be held completely digital since physical presence is hindered as a result of the Corona situation.
All are welcome, but please read guidelines below before you attend. This to make sure that the disputation can be held without too much interruptions and noise.

Evaluation committee:
First opponent: Professor Mark van der Giezen, University of Stavanger
Second opponent: Professor Mads Albertsen, Aalborg University, Denmark
Committee coordinator: Professor Åsa Helena Frostegård, NMBU

Main supervisor: Associate Professor Phillip B. Pope,
NMBU Co-supervisor: Researcher Magnus Øverlie Arntzen,
NMBU Co-supervisor: Professor Torgeir Rhoden Hvidsten, NMBU

Guidelines for attending:
- Do not use camera
- Put your microphone on mute
- If anyone has a question, please write "I have a question" in the chat. You will then be given the word, and can put your microphone and camera on.
- If anyone wants to oppone ex auditorio, write this in the chat BEFORE the first opponent has finished opponing.
- We advise you to test your own equipment before attending.

The doctoral thesis is available for public review.
For those of you who wants access to this please send an email to: siri.eikrem.skotland@nmbu.no



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