15 Nov - Jill Tove Buseth (LANDSAM)

  • Jill Tove Buseth 
Tarangire National park, Tanzania
    Mayank Vikas

On November 15 2019, Jill Tove Buseth, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Faculty for Landscape and Society will defend her PhD thesis, "Navigating the Landscapes of ‘Green’: Policies, Discourses and Institutionalizations of the Green Economy in the Global South".

15 Nov - Jill Tove Buseth (LANDSAM)

Norwegian title of thesis:

Diskurser og politiske rammeverk i implementeringen av grønn økonomi i det globale sør.

Prescribed trial lecture:

Key elements of continuity and change in Tanzania’s natural resource policy from colonialism to the present

Evaluation committee:

  • Professor Emeritus Mats Widgren, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Professor Philip Woodhouse, The University of Manchester, UK
  • Professor Randi Kaarhus, NMBU, Norway

Time and place for the trial lecture:

Festsalen (U215), Clock Building
12:15 - 13:10         Welcome and Trial lecture
13:10 -13:25         break
13:25 -ca 15:30   Public Defence


Main supervisor:  Prof. Tor Benjaminsen, Noragric, Faculty of Landscape and Society, NMBU
Co-supervisor:      Prof. Frances Cleaver, Deparment of Geography, University of Sheffield, UK

The doctoral thesis is available for public review at the NMBU library. The thesis number is 2019:58, ISSN 1894-6402, ISBN 978-82-575-1618-5

Thesis abstract

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