18 Aug - Ronja Wonneberger (BIOVIT)

Ronja Wonneberger, Faculty of biosciences, will defend her PhD thesis on 18.08.2017

18 Aug - Ronja Wonneberger (BIOVIT)

PhD degree – Trial Lecture and Public Defence


English title of thesis: “Resistance studies and genetic characterization of the

barley – Pyrenophora teres pathosystem"


Prescribed subject of the trial lecture: “Genetics and breeding of leaf and stripe rust resistance in wheat”


Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defence:

Friday, August 18th at 12.15

U215 Festsalen, Urbygningen



Main supervisor: Dr. Morten Lillemo, Faculty of Biosciences, Plant Sciences, NMBU
Co-supervisor: Dr. Andrea Ficke, Bioforsk, Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research


Evaluation committee:

Professor Fank Ordon, Julius Kühn-Institut, Germany

Dr. Marja Johanna Jalli, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Associate Professor Åshild Ergon, Faculty of Biosciences, Plant Sciences, NMBU


The doctoral thesis is available for public review at the NMBU library.
Thesis number 2017:52 ISSN 1894-6402   ISBN 978-82-575-1451-8

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