9 Jun - Kaja Borchgrevink (Landsam)

PhD degree – Trial Lecture and Public Defence
Kaja Borchgrevink, Department of International Environment and Development Studies Noragric, Faculty of Landscape and Society, will defend her PhD thesis "With Faith in Development: Islamic Charity as Development in Practice?" on 9 June 2017.

9 Jun - Kaja Borchgrevink (Landsam)

Norwegian title of thesis:
Utviklingsengasjement og religiøs praksis blant muslimer i Pakistan og den pakistanske diasporaen.

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture:
Is women's apparently increasing involvement in religious life, including piety movements and religio-political organisations, likely to contribute to egalitarian social change in southern Asia?

Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defence:
Friday 9 June, 2017 at 10:15 in Festsalen (U215), The Clock Building, Ås.

Evaluation committee:
First opponent: Emeritus Professor Carole Rakodi, University of Birmingham, UK
Second opponent: Dr. Tamsin Bradley, University of Portsmouth, UK
Committee coordinator: Dr. Poul Wisborg, Noragric, NMBU, Norway

Associate Professor Ingrid Nyborg, Department of International Environment and Development Studies (Noragric), NMBU
Dr. Kristian Berg Harpviken, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway

The doctoral thesis is available for public review at the NMBU library.
Thesis number 2017:41, ISSN: 1894-6402, ISBN: 978-82-575-1392-4.

Summary of the PhD thesis

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