13 November 2014 - PhD Defence Naidankhuu Minjigdorj (IHA)

PhD degree – Trial Lecture and Public Defence
Naidankhuu Minjigdorj, Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences will defend his PhD thesis ”Mongolian Mare Milk Composition” on 13.11.2014

13 November 2014 - PhD Defence Naidankhuu Minjigdorj (IHA)

Norwegian title:
Mongolsk hoppemelk, produksjon og kjemisk sammensetting

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture:
Energy and protein requirements and supply in an extensive mare milk production system

Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defence:
Torsdag 13. november kl. 12.15 / Thursday 7th November at 12.15
Auditorium H109, Institutt for husdyr- og akvakulturvitenskap
Språk / Language: English

Førsteamanuensis Dag Austbø, IHA
Professor Knut Hove, IHA
Førsteamanuensis Anne Wetlesen, IKBM

Evaluation committee:
Professor Jørgen Madsen, Københavns Universitet
Professor Anna Maria Jansson, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Førsteamanuensis Erling Thuen, IHA

The doctoral thesis is available for public review at the UMB library.
Thesis number 2014:5, ISSN 1503-1667, ISBN 978-82-575-1186-9

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