Disputas - Henrik Zakariassen (IKBM)

PhD degree – Trial Lecture and Public Defence
Henrik Zakariassen, Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science will defend his PhD thesis ”Processivity, substrate-binding specificity and transglycosylation in family 18 chitinases from Serratia marcescens” on 06.05.2014

Disputas henrik zakariassen ikbm 2

Norwegian title:
Prosessivitet, substrat-bindingsspesifisitet og transglykosylering i familie 18 kitinaser fra Serratia marcescens

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture:
Current status on cellulose based biofuel production

Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defence:
Tuesday 06.05.14, BTB, Library kl. 12:15

Professor Vincent Eijsink, IKBM (main supervisor)
Professor Morten Sørlie, IKBM (co-supervisor)

Evaluation committee:
Professor Arne O. Smalås, UiT
Dr. Svein Halvor Knutsen, Nofima
Professor Ingolf F. Nes, IKBM

The doctoral thesis is available for public review at the UMB library.
Thesis number 2014:34, ISSN 1503-1667, ISBN 978-82-575-1201-9

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