19 Nov - Kizito Kahoza Mugimba (VET)

PhD degree - Trial Lecture and Public Defense
Kizito Kahoza Mugimba, Department of Paraclinical Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will defend his PhD thesis "The infection biology of tilapia lake virus: tissue tropism, host susceptibility and immune responses" on 19 November 2020.

19 Nov - Kizito Kahoza Mugimba (VET)

Norwegian title of thesis:
"Infeksjonsbiologien til tilapia lake virus: vevstropisme, vertsmottakelighet og immunresponser"

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture:
"Viral diseases in marine fish aquaculture – challenges and solutions”

Time and place for the trial lecture and the public defense:
19 November 2020

11:00 Trial lecture
11:45 Break
12:15 Public defense

Zoom: https://nmbu.zoom.us/j/63155059747?pwd=TSt2NFRHNnJKbEkzYjR1NXY5TUpXUT09

Evaluation committee:
First opponent: Professor Frederick Kibenge, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Second opponent: Professor Kim Thompson, Moredun Research Institute, United Kingdom
Committee coordinator: Associate Professor Eirill Ager-Wick, NMBU

Main supervisor: Dr. Hetron Mweemba Munang’Andu, NMBU
Co-supervisor: Professor Denis Byarugaba, Makere University, Kampala, Uganda
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Stephen Mutoloki, NMBU
Co-supervisor: Professor Øystein Evensen, NMBU

Digital public defence:

Due to recent restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, a maximum of 5 people may be allowed at the physical venue of the public defense. Consequently, the general audience is encouraged to attend the trial lecture and/or public defense via Zoom. 

Guidelines for attending the defence via Zoom:

  • Do not use your camera.
  • If anyone wishes to oppose Ex Auditorio, please ask your question in the chat before the 1st opponent ends his or her opposition.
  • Testing of your own equipment is advised before attending.

The doctoral thesis is available for public review. For those who want access to the thesis please send an e-mail to: forskerutdanning@nmbu.no.

Thesis number 2020:32, ISSN: 1894-6402, ISBN: 978-82-575-1695-6

Published 5. november 2020 - 13:12 - Updated 26. november 2020 - 9:24