Water Harmony

Water Harmony is a concept initiated by Harsha Ratnaweera, a professor in Water Technology at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), and his colleagues. The vision of Water Harmony is to harmonise water related graduate education across the globe; to continuously and collectively improve the global quality of water-related education through sharing of best practices. In this process, emerging challenges in the water industry and the resulting research, developments and innovations are also addressed.


Projects: Partners: Funding:

MEMPREX-I & II: International Partnership
on membrane processes 
for research and
 educational excellence

AECo Advancing electrocoagulation INTPART-RCN/DiKU 6.5 mill NOK
Digitalisation of water industry
by innovative graduate water education
Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances,
12 partners from 6 EU/EEA countries
1 mill € 
Graduates for Climate Change
adapted water management /CCWater
12 universities from EU and Asia,
Erasmus+ CBHE
1 mill € 
Closing the Water Cycle Gap with
Harmonised Actions
EU-ERANET Water JPI  1.9 mill €
Inst. Capacity Building in Water Mgmt
 & Climate Change Adaption
NORAD, 11 universities (Africa, Norway) 20 mill NOK
Water Harmony educational collaboration
 with 10 Eurasian universities
DiKU  12 mill NOK

Water Harmony – harmonising 
graduate water education

Erasmus+ 1 mill € 
Strengthening of master curricula in water resources management
for the Western Balkans HEIs
SWARM, Erasmus+  1 mill € 


Harsha Ratnaweera Cristin
Zakhar Maletskyi  Cristin
Goitom Kahsay Weldehawaryat Cristin


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