Environmental Planning and Natural Resources Governance

Key focus areas:


The group is broadly interested in exploring issues of politics, power and knowledge  in environmental planning and natural resource governance to promote sustainable and just societies.  Theoretically, we build on insights from planning theory, political ecology, science and technology studies, discourse analysis, interpretive policy analysis, theories of transition and transformation, environmental justice, critical cartography, assemblage theory and socio-spatial relations. In terms of geographical focus, our research interests span Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Thematically, our research includes exploring some of the following themes:

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation, and transformation to sustainability
  • Water governance and water quality
  • Natural resource rights regimes and conflicts of access
  • Conflicting interests in the coastal commons
  • Protected areas, local community development, nature-based tourism
  • The politics of scale, multi-level governance, roles and responsibilities state-regional-local levels
  • Processes of participation and knowledge co-production in planning and governance



22 April 2021: Siri Eriksen (Department of Public Health) presents the TOWARDS project.

7 September 2021: Launch of the Landscape Research themed issue "Making maps, making claims: The he politics and practices of visualisation in environmental governance (will be organised in collaboration with the Political Ecology Forum at NMBU, details to follow).




Group members: Matthew Cashmore, Thomas Haraldseid,  Edwige Marty, Tim Richardson, Knut Bjørn Stokke

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