Publications 2021


Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric

Politics of Seed in Ethiopia's Agricultural Transformation: Pathways to Seed System Development
Hunduma, M.T.

Article in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems (November 2021)


Valuation of Urban Ecosystem Services as NBS
Pouso, S. & Gómez-Baggethun, E.

Chapter in Nature-Based Solutions for More Sustainable Cities - A Framework Approach for Planning and Evaluation
E. Croci & Lucchitta, B. (Eds)

Book published by Emerald Insight (November 2021)

Ostrom and the commons: Critical appreciation and interrogation in the context of forest management in Tanzania
Perfect-Mrema, J.

Article in Environmental Science & Policy (October 2021)

Taking measure of an escape crop: Cassava relationality in a contemporary quilombo-remnant community
Roman, G.G. & Westengen, O.T.

Article in Geoforum (October 2021)


Recognising Recognition in Climate Justice
Benjaminsen, T.A., Svarstad, H. & Shaw of Tordarroch, I.

Article in Special Edition of the IDS Bulletin (Reframing Climate and Environmental Justice) (October 2021)

Balancing international trade and local production for food and nutrition security: Animal-sourced foods’ contribution to human welfare
Mitscherlich, C.C.W., Voss, V.M., Bhatti, M.A., Eik, L.O., Behrendt, K. & Wynn, P.C.

Article in Animal Frontiers (October 2021)

Ecosystem services from urban forests: The case of Oslomarka, Norway
Berglihn, E.C. & Gómez-Baggethun, E.

Article in Ecosystem Services (October 2021)

Local Perceptions of Climate Change and Adaptation Responses from Two Mountain Regions in Tanzania 
Kaganzi, K.R., Cuni-Sanchez, A., Mcharazo, F., Martin, E.H., Marchant, R.A. & Thorn, J.P.R.

Article in Land (September 2021)

From Tree Species to Forest Services: Ethnic Differences in Lomami, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Batumike, R., Imani, G., Bisimwa, B., Uron, C., Mambo, H., Kalume, J., Kavuba, F. & Cuni-Sanchez, A. 

Article in Economic Botany (September 2021)

Pesticide Policies and Farm Behavior: The Introduction of Regulations for Integrated Pest Management
Kvakkestad, V., Steiro, Å.L. & Vatn, A.

Article in Agriculture (August 2021)

Diversity of Sources of Income for Smallholder Farming Communities in Malawi: Importance for Improved Livelihood
Bhatti, M.A., Godfrey, S.S., Ip, R.H.L., Kachiwala, C., Hovdhaugen, H., Banda, L.J., Limuwa, M., Wynn, P.C., Ådnøy, T. & Eik, L.O.

Article in Sustainability (August 2021)

Is there a future for indigenous and local knowledge?
Gómez-Baggethun, E.

Article in Journal of Peasant Studies (August 2021)

Feminization of African Agriculture and the Meaning of Decision-Making for Empowerment and Sustainability
Haug, R., Mwaseba, D.L., Njarui, D., Moeletsi, M., Magalasi, M., Mutimura, M., Hundessa, F. & Aamodt, J.T.

Article in Sustainability (August 2021)

‘Forever wars’? Patterns of diffusion and consolidation of Jihadism in Africa, Small Wars & Insurgencies
Hansen, S.J.

Article in Small Wars and Insurgencies (August 2021)

High aboveground carbon stock of African tropical montane forests
Cuni-Sanchez, A., Sullivan, M.J.P., Platts, P.J. et al. 

Article in Nature (August 2021)


Tree diversity and carbon stocks in the Itombwe Mountains of eastern DR Congo
Imani, G., Kalume, J., Marchant, R., Calders, K., Batumike, R., Bulonvu, F. & Cuni-Sanchez, A.

Article in BioTropica (August 2021)


Farmers’ Rights and Digital Sequence Information: Crisis or Opportunity to Reclaim Stewardship Over Agrobiodiversity?  
Wynberg, R., Andersen, R., Laird, S., Kusena, K., Prip, C. & Westengen, O.T.

Article in Frontiers in Plant Science (August 2021)

Contested Numbers: Census Controversies and the Press in 1960s Nigeria
Serra, G., & Jerven, M. 

Article in The Journal of African History (August 2021)

Multiscalar entanglements in the post-socialist city: Monotown restructuring, spatial re-ordering and urban inequality in Russia
Stuvøy, K. & Shirobokova, I. 

Article in Eurasian Geography and Economics (July 2021)

What does sustainability demand? An institutionalist analysis with applications to China
Tan, R., Hu, R. & Vatn, A.

Article in Journal of Chinese Governance (July 2021)


Climate change impacts on water security in global drylands
Stringer, L.C., Mirzabaev, A., Benjaminsen, T.A., Harris, R.M.B, Jafari, M., Lissner, T.K., Stevens, N. & Tirado-von der Pahlen, C.

Article in One Earth (June 2021)


Sovereign Forces: Everyday Challenges to Environmental Governance in Latin America
McNeish, J.A.

Book published by Berghahn (June 2021)

Police, Policing, and the Community: Community Policing in Theory and Practice in Gulu, Uganda
Divon, S.

Article in Journal of Human Security (June 2021)


Telling Tales: Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Qualitative Data Interpretation and Communication
Davey, N.G. & Benjaminsen, G.

Article in International Journal of Qualitative Methods (June 2021)

Civil Security in the Wake of Crisis - Renegotiating Police-Community Relations in Post-Crisis Development in Swat, Pakistan
Nyborg, I. & Nawab, B.

Article in Journal of Human Security (June 2021)

Climate change and hunter-gatherers in montane eastern DR Congo
Batumike, R., Bulonvu, F., Imani, G., Akonkwa, D., Gahigi, A., Klein, J.A., Marchant, R. & Cuni-Sanchez, A.

Article in Climate and Development (June 2021)

Fulani-Dogon Killings in Mali: Farmer-Herder Conflicts as Insurgency and Counterinsurgency
Benjaminsen, T.A. & Boubacar, B.

Article in African Security (May 2021)


Assessing nature-based solutions for transformative change
Cuni-Sanchez, A., Gómez-Baggethun, E. et al.

Article in One Earth (May 2021)

Precarious spaces and violent site effects: experiences from Hargeisa’s urban margins
Stuvøy, K., Bakonyi, J. & Chonka, P.

Article in Conflict, Security & Development (May 2021)

The Production and Destruction of Forests through the Lens of Landesque Capital Accumulation
Börjeson, L., Ango, T.G.

Article in Human Ecology (May 2021)


From Policy Promises to Result through Innovation in African Agriculture?
Haug, R., Nchimbi-Msolla, S., Murage, A., Moeletsi, M., Magalasi, M., Mutimura, M., Hundessa, F., Cacchiarelli, L. & Westengen, O.T.

Article in World (May 2021)

  Our Extractive Age - Expressions of Violence and Resistance
J. Shapiro & McNeish, J.A. (Eds)

Book published by Routledge (May 2021)

Affiliated chapters:

McNeish, J.A. & Shapiro, J.

The Politics of Violence in Extractivism
Glaab, K. & Stuvøy, K.

Granting Rights to Rivers in Colombia
Richardson, W. & McNeish, J.A.

Of Maize and Men
Westengen, O.T. 

Chapter in Seedways – The circulation, control and care of plants in a warming world
B.G. Karlsson & Rabo, A. (eds)

Book published by Kungliga Vitterhetsakademien (May 2021)

‘Like a Chicken in a Cage’: Civil Resistance, militant Islamist Rulers and Traditional Authorities in Southern Somalia
Skjelderup, M.W. 

Article in Civil Wars (April 2021)

The imperial maize assemblage: Maize dialectics in Malawi and India
Jakobsen, J. & Westengen, O.T.

Article in the Journal of Peasant Studies (April 2021)

Beyond ecosystem services and nature's contributions: Is it time to leave utilitarian environmentalism behind?
Muradian, R. & Gómez-Baggethun, E.

Article in Ecological Economics (April 2021)

Political ecology: a critical engagement with global environmental issues
Benjaminsen, T.A. & Svarstad, H.

Book published by Palgrave Macmillan (2021)

Socio-economic Consequences of Displacement and Resettlement: A Case on the Planned Oil-refinery-development Project in the Albertine Region of Uganda
Aboda, C., Vedeld, P., Byakagaba, P., Mugagga, F., Nabanoga, G., Ruguma, T.F. & Mukwaya, P.

Article in Journal of Refugee Studies (March 2021)

Carcass Characteristics, Physicochemical and Sensory Meat Quality of Norwegian Lambs Finish-Fed on Forage Rape
Mushi, D.E. & Eik, L.O.  

Article in Agricultural Research (March 2021)

The contribution of frankincense to the agro-pastoral household economy and its potential for commercialization - A case from Borana, southern Ethiopia
Berhanu, Y., Vedeld ,P., Angassa, A. & Aune, J.B.

Article in Journal of Arid Environments (March 2021)


A Case of Its Own? A Review of Italy's Colonisation of Eritrea, 1890-1941
Jerven, M., Strangio, D. & Weisdorf, J.

Article in Journal of European Economic History (February 2021)

Contact with blue-green spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown beneficial for mental health
Pouso, S., Borja, Á., Fleming, L.E., Gómez-Baggethun, E., White, M.P. & Uyarra, M.C.

Article in Science of the Total Environment (February 2021)

Institutional context, political-value orientation and public attitudes towards climate policies: a qualitative follow-up study of an experiment
Aasen, M. & Vatn, A.

Article in Environmental Values (February 2021)

Aguu: From Acholi Post War Street Youth and Children to ‘Criminal Gangs’ in Modern Day Gulu City, Uganda
Divon, S. & Owor, A.

Article in the Journal of Human Security (February 2021)

Pluralistic Seed System Development: A Path to Seed Security? 
Mulesa, T.H., Dalle, S.P., Makate, C., Haug, R. & Westengen, O.T.

Article in Agronomy (February 2021)

How humanitarian assistance practices exacerbate vulnerability: Knowledges, authority and legitimacy in disaster interventions in Baltistan, Pakistan
Arifeen, A. & Nyborg, I.

Article in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (February 2021)


A system analysis to assess the effect of low-cost agricultural technologies on productivity, income and GHG emissions in mixed farming systems in southern Ethiopia
Berhanu, Y., Angassa, A. & Aune, J.B.

Article in Agricultural Systems (February 2021)

Thresholds of resistance: agroecology, resilience and the agrarian question
Holt-Giménez, E., Shattuck, A. & Van Lammeren, I.

Article in the Journal of Peasant Studies (February 2021)


Prudent Peasantries: Multilevel Adaptation to Drought in Early Modern Spain (1600-1715)
Grau-Satorras, M., Otero, I.,  Gómez-Baggethun, E. & Reyes-García, V.

Article in Environment and History (February 2021)


Department of Landscape Architecture


Assessing the Impact of Climate Change Versus Land Use on Tree- and Forest Line Dynamics in Norway 
Bryn, A. & Potthoff, K. 

Chapter in Mountain Landscapes in Transition - Effects of Land Use and Climate Change 
U. Schickhoff, Singh, R.B. & Mal, S. (Eds.)

Book published by Springer - Sustainable Development Goals Series (November 2021)

Remote Wayfaring and Virtual Fieldwork
Rekittke, J., Pedersen, K.L. & Andrews, M.

Article in Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture (May 2021)

  Developing a place-sensitive tool for park-safety management experiences from green-space managers and female park users in Oslo
Evensen, K.H., Hemsett, G. & Nordh, H.

Article in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (May 2021)

Splotting som erfaringsbasert verktøy for medvirkning og stedsforståelse ved byromsutforming
Hagen, A.L. & Osuldsen, J.B. 

Article in Form Akademisk (April 2021)


Department of Property and Law


Matrikkelloven - lovkommentar. Revidert utgave på Juridika 
Faafeng, V.G., Holth, F., Høgvard, D. og Sky, P.K.

Published by Universitetsforlaget (November 2021)


Karnov Lovkommentarer
Published by Karnov (2021)

Affiliated sections:

Sameigelova kommentarutgave
Bergsholm, E. 

Hevdslova kommentarutgave
Bergsholm, E. 

Jordlova kommentarutgave
Larsen, I.W. & Solli, G.S. 

Vannressursloven kommentarutgave
Larsen, I.W. og Solli, G.S. 

Vassdragsloven kommentarutgave
Solli, G.S.


Operaens rolle i utvikling av Oslo
Dokk Holm, E.

Chapter 9 in Kreativ næring: Lokale, digitale og økonomiske perspektiver
A.B. Gran & Olsen, B.E. (Eds)

Book published by Universitetsforlaget (July 2021)

Facilitating Building Projects’ Short-Term and Long-Term Value Creation
Boge, K., Haddadi, A., Klakegg, O.J. & Salaj, A.T.

Article in Buildings (July 2021)


Plan- og bygningsloven. Vår viktigste klimalov?
Holth, F. 

Chapter in Klimarett: Internasjonal, europeisk og norsk klimarett mot 2030
Hans Chr. Bugge (Ed)

Book published by Universitetsforlaget (June 2021)


Rammer for domstolskontroll ved brudd på EØS-rettslige forpliktelser på miljøforvaltningsrettens område
Solli, G.S.

Article in Lov og Rett (June 2021)

Eiendom og juss vol. 1
H. Elvestad, Sky, P.K. & Taubøll, S. (Eds)

Book published by Universitetsforlaget (January 2021)

Affiliated chapters:

Forholdet mellom matrikkelregelverket og jordskifteregelverket
Trygstad, M.

Forhandlingar om minneleg løysing ved grunnerverv - om grunnerverv hjå Statens vegvesen
Stokstad, S.

Om bergregalet og andre grunnregale
Utgård, K.A.

Verdsetting: jordskifteloven § 3-15 1. ledd vs. verdsetting ved ekspropriasjon
Bærug, S.

Veggrunn og eiendomsopplysningene i matrikkelen
Akerhaugen, E.B.E

Jordleie, jordskifte og utradisjonelle arealbytter
Elvestad, H.E. & Sky, P.K.

Taraldrud, K.E.

Beiteordninger som sak for jordskifteretten
Elvestad, H.E. & Sky, P.K.

Forhandlinger ved private forslag til reguleringsplaner
Holsen, T.

Hjemmelsgrunnlaget for tiltaksjordskifte - lovutviklingen
Udnes, H.

Domstolens adgang til å beslutte ekspropriasjon etter veglova § 53
Holth, F. & Larsen, I.W. 

Intensjonen med å fordele planskapte verdiar
Hoddevik, C.L. 


Department of Public Health Science

The Future of Urban Cemeteries as Public Spaces: Insights from Oslo and Copenhagen
Grabalov, P. & Nordh, H.
Article in Planning Theory & Practice (December 2021)


Nudge strategies for behavior-based prevention and control of neglected tropical diseases: A scoping review and ethical assessment
Vande Velde, F., Overgaard, H.J. & Bastien, S.

Article in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases (November 2021)

On CRDPs and CRPD: why the rights of people with disabilities are crucial for understanding climate-resilient development pathways
Eriksen, S.E., Grøndahl, R. & Sæbønes, A.M.

Article in The Lancet Planetary Health (November 2021)


Forekomst av seksuell trakassering av tenåringer og sammenhengen med depressive symptomer. Hvilken betydning har sosiale relasjoner?
Nisja, H. Raanaas, R.K. & Aamodt, G.

Article in Nordisk tidsskrift for ungdomsforskning (November 2021)



Affective adaptation = effective transformation? Shifting the politics of climate change adaptation and transformation from the status quo 
Nightingale, A.J., Gonda, N. & Eriksen, S.H.

Article in WIREs Climate Change (October 2021)

The role of family factors in the association between early adulthood BMI and risk of cardiovascular disease. An intergenerational study of BMI in early adulthood and cardiovascular mortality in parents, aunts and uncles. 
Kjøllesdal, M.K.R., Carslake, D., Smith, G.D., Shaikh, F. & Næss, Ø. 

Article in International Journal of  Obesity (Nature Group) (October 2021) 

Occupational risk of COVID-19 by country of birth. A register-based study
Kjøllesdal, M. & Magnusson,K.

Article in Journal of Public Health (October 2021)


Emotional well-being in people with dementia – A comparative study of farm-based and regular day care services in Norway

Finnanger-Garshol, B., Pedersen, I., Patil, G., Eriksen, S. & Ellingsen-Dalskau, L.H.

rticle in Health and Social Care in the Community (September 2021)

Diet quality of Norwegian children at 3 and 7 years: changes, predictors and longitudinal association with weight
Sørensen, L.M.N., Aamodt, G., Brantsæter, A.L., Meltzer, H.M. & Papadopoulou, E.

Article in the International Journal of Obesity (August 2021)


Assessing Student Perceptions of a Norwegian University's COVID-19 Response Strategy: A Cross-Sectional Study 
Velde, F.V., Ahmed, H., Lange, J.S., Sælid, T. & Bastien, S.

Article in Frontiers in Public Health (August 2021)    

Being sheltered from a demanding everyday life: Experiences of the next of kin to people with dementia attending farm-based daycare
Taranrød, L.B., Pedersen, I., Kirkevold, Ø. & Eriksen, S.

Article in International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being (August 2021)

The School as an Arena for Co-Creating Participation, Equity, and Well-Being - A Photovoice Study from Norway
Ihlebæk, C., Castellan, C., Flobak, J. & Ese, J.

Article in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (August 2021)


Care Farms: A Health-Promoting Context for a Wide Range of Client Groups
de Bruin, S., Hassink, J., Vaandrager, L., de Boer, B., Verbeek, H., Pedersen, I., Patil, G.G., Ellingsen-Dalskau, L.H. & Eriksen, S.

Chapter in Nature and Health: Physical Activity in Nature
E. Brymer, Rogerson, M. & Barton, J. (Eds)

Book published by Taylor & Francis (July 2021)


Trust buffers against reduced life satisfaction when faced with financial crisis
Clench-Aas, J., Bergande, I., Nes, R.B. & Holte, A.

Article in Frontiers in Psychology (June 2021)

Citizenship matters: Translating and adapting the Citizenship Measure to Norwegian
Nesse, L., Gonzalez, M.T., Rowe, M. & Raanaas, R.K.

Article in Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (June 2021)

Psychosocial Job Strain and Musculoskeletal Pain in Cabin Crew – Does Gender Matter?
Ihlebæk, C. & Rustad, M.H.

Article in the International Journal of Aerospace Psychology (June 2021)

Time trends in HPV vaccination according to country background: A nationwide register-based study among girls in Norway
Bjerke, R.D., Laake, I., Feiring, B., Aamodt, G. & Trogstad, L. 

Article in BMC Public Health (May 2021)

Part II: Living Life: A Meta-Synthesis Exploring Recovery as Processual Experiences
Sommer, M., Biong, S., Borg, M., Karlsson, B., Klevan, T., Ness, O., Nesse, L., Oute, J., Sundet, R. & Kim, H.S.

Article in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (May 2021)

The role of occupational meaningfulness and citizenship as mediators between occupational status and recovery: a cross-sectional study among residents with co-occurring problems.
Nesse, L., Aamodt, G., Gonzalez, M.T., Rowe, M. and Raanaas, R.K.

Article in Advances in Dual Diagnosis (May 2021)


Understanding Adolescents’ Perceptions of Diarrhea: A Formative Research Study of a Visual Scale to Measure Self-Reported Diarrhea in Low-Resource Settings
Gold-Watts. A., Aamodt, G., Gandimathi, S., Sudha, R. & Bastien, S.

Article in Frontiers in Public Health (May 2021)

Intervention mapping as a framework for planning the implementation of urine diversion toilets and Ecosan education in a community school in Kavre, Nepal 
Rajbanshi, R., Bastien, S., Pandey, M., Sharma, B. & Luitel, B.C.

Article in Waterlines - International journal of water, sanitation and waste (April 2021)

Labor force participation and working patterns among women and men who survived cancer. A descriptive 9 years longitudinal cohort study.
Brusletto, B., Nielsen, R.A., Engan, H., Oldervoll, L., Ihlebæk, C., Mjøsund, N.H. & Torp, S.

Article in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (March 2021)


The socio-ecological model as a framework for understanding junk food consumption among schoolchildren in Nepal
Upreti, Y.R., Bastien, S., Bjønness, B., Devkota, B.

Article in Nutrition and Health (March 2021)


Unravelling context: A formative photovoice study of Indian youth perspectives of sanitation and hygiene practices
Gold-Watts, A., Aamodt, G., Shanmugasundaram, R. & Bastien, S.

Article in Waterlines - International journal of water, sanitation and waste (January 2021)

Understanding the relationship between subjective health complaints and satisfaction with life for people in prevocational training in Norway
Ellingsen-Dalskau, L.H., Berget, B., Tellnes, G. & Ihlebæk, C.M.

Article in Nordic Journal of Social Research (January 2021)


Department of Urban and Regional Planning

COVID-19 and urban planning: Built environment, health and well-being in Greek cities before and during the pandemic
Mouratidis, K. & Yiannakou, A.

Article in Cities (November 2021)

COVID-19, internet, and mobility: The rise of telework, telehealth, e-learning, and e-shopping
Mouratidis, K. & Papagiannakis, A.

Article in Sustainable Cities and Society (November 2021)

Does a residential relocation enable satisfying travel?
De Vos, J., Mouratidis, K., Cheng, L. & Kamruzzaman, M.

Article in Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (November 2021)

How COVID-19 reshaped quality of life in cities: A synthesis and implications for urban planning
Mouratidis, K.

Article in Land Use Policy (September 2021)

Are Green, dense cities more inclusive? Densification and housing accessibility in Oslo
Cavicchia, R.

Article in Local Environment (September 2021)


The emergence of coworking models in the face of pandemic
Mariotti, I., Di Marino M. & Akhavan M.

Chapter in Living with Pandemics: People, Place and Policy
J. R. Bryson, L. Andres, E. Aksle, L. Reardon. (Eds)

Book published by Edward Elgar Publishing (August 2021)

New working spaces in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area: Understanding location factors and implications for planning
Di Marino, M., Rehunen, A., Tiitu, M. & Lapintie, K.

Article in European Planning Studies (June 2021)

Residential Location and Travel in the Reykjavik Capital Region
Næss, P., Stefansdottir, H., Peters, S., Czepkiewicz, M. & Heinonen, J.

Article in Sustainability (June 2021)

The urban density in two Nordic capitals – comparing the development of Oslo and Helsinki metropolitan regions
Tiitu, M., Naess, P. & Ristimäki, M. 

Article in European Planning Studies (June 2021)

Towards socio-ecological Scaling up housing innovation in Vienna
Friesenecker, M. & Cucca, R.

Chapter in Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene: From (Un) Just Presents to Just Futures
S. Ryder, Powlen, K., Laituri, M., Malin, S.A., Sbicca, J. & Stevis, D. (Eds)

Book published by Routledge (June 2021)

Kunstneriske og kreative prosesser i stedsutvikling: eksempler fra kystsamfunn i nord
Haraldseid, T.

Article in Nordic Journal of Architectural Research (May 2021)


European Cities Between Continuity and Change
Kazepov, Y., Cucca, R., Ahn, B., & Verrier, C.

Chapter in Companion to Urban and Regional Studies
A.M. Orum, Ruiz-Tagle, J. & Vicari Haddock, S. (Eds)

Book published by Wiley-Blackwell (April 2021)

Urban planning and quality of life: A review of pathways linking the built environment to subjective well-being
Mouratidis, K.

Article in Cities (April 2021)

Transportation technologies, sharing economy, and teleactivities: Implications for built environment and travel
Mouratidis, K., Peters, S. & van Wee, B.

Article in Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment (March 2021)

Regional planning is dead: Long live planning regional futures
Harrison, J., Galland, D. & Tewdwr-Jones, M.

Article in Regional Studies (January 2021)

Potential and limitations of innovative housing solutions in planning for degrowth: the case of Vienna
Cucca, R. & Friesenecker, M.

Article in Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability (January 2021)

How interventions in master plans affect public transport competitiveness versus cars: A case study of two small and two medium-sized city regions
Skartland, E.G. 

Article in Urban, Planning and Transport Research (January 2021)

Autonomous buses: Intentions to use, passenger experiences, and suggestions for improvement
Mouratidis, K. & Cobeña Serrano, V.

Article in Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour (January 2021)

Urban planning and degrowth: a missing dialogue
 Xue, J.

Article in Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability (January 2021)

 Inter-departmental publications

The politics of forest governance in a changing climate: Political reforms, conflict and socio-environmental changes in Laikipia, Kenya
Muok, B.O., Mosberg, M., Eriksen, S.E.H. & Ong'ech, D.O.

Article in Forest Policy and Economics (November 2021)

Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric
Department of Public Health Science


Integrert kystsoneforvaltning: Planfaglege, samfunnsvitskapelege og juridiske perspektiv
K. Broch Hauge & Stokke, K.B. (Eds)

Book published by Universitetsforlag (August 2021)

Affiliated chapters:

Bolk I Introduksjon 1. Innledning
Stokke, K.B. & Broch Haug, K.

Overordna om miljøreguleringar i kyst- og sjøområde
Broch Hauge, K.

Differensiert planlegging i strandsonen – erfaringer fra Vestfold
Stokke, K.B. & Østvik Hage, S.

Planlegging av vindkraftanlegg og kommunens rolle
Inderberg, T.H.J & Saglie, I.L.

Kommunal planlegging av vindkraft
Lund-Iversen, M.

Planlegging i sjø – behov for sterkere regional styring
Stokke, K.B.

Tildeling av løyve på lokalitet og legitimitet. Ei analyse av integrasjon mellom reguleringsregime, aktørar og informasjonsutveksling
Broch Hauge, K., Myklebust, I.E. & Lund-Iversen, M.

Bolk V Nasjonalparkar i kystsona 20. Innledning
Haukeland, J.V. & Stokke, K.B.

Rettslige rammer for etablering og forvaltning av nasjonalparker ved kysten
Taraldrud, K.E.

Integrering av friluftsliv og naturbasert reiseliv i forvaltningen av Ytre Hvaler og Færder nasjonalparker
Haukeland, J.V. & Stokke, K.B.

Bolk VI Rettar og interesser i kyst- og sjøområda 25. Innleiing
Broch Hauge, K.

Urfolksperspektiv og planlegging i sjø
Broch Hauge, K.

Sjøsamiske fiskerettigheter og kystsoneplanlegging
Movik, S.

Stokke, K.B. & Broch Hauge, K.

Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Department of Property and Law

  Are compact cities a threat to public health?

Ihlebæk, C., Næss, P. & Stefansdottir, H. 

Article in European Planning Studies (June 2021)

Department of Public Health Science
Department of Urban and Regional Planning


Making maps, making claims: the politics and practices of visualisation in environmental governance
Movik, S., Benjaminsen, T.A. & Richardson, T.

Article in Landscape Research (May 2021)

Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric


Adaptation interventions and their effect on vulnerability in developing countries: Help, hindrance or irrelevance?
riksen, S., Lenærts, L., Mosberg, M., Movik, S. et al.

Article in World Development (May 2021)

Department of Public Health Science
Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric
Department of Urban and Regional Planning


Transformation as praxis: responding to climate change uncertainties in marginal environments in South Asia
Mehta, L., Srivastava, S., Movik, S., Adam, H.N., D’Souza, R., Parthasarathy, D., Naess, L.O. & Ohte, N.

Article in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability (April 2021)

Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric
Department of Urban and Regional Planning


Testing the effect of hedge height on perceived safety-a landscape design intervention
Evensen, K., Nordh, H., Hassan, R. & Fyhri, A.

Article in Sustainability (April 2021)

Department of Landscape Architecture
Department of Public Health Science

From tourist destination to local meeting place: enhancing visitor experiences and social resilience in rural communities.
Clemetsen, M., Stokke, K.B., Barane, J. & Haraldseid, T. 

Planning the tourism landscape across protected area borders.
Stokke, K.B. & Clemetsen, M.

Frameworks to understand natural and cultural resources in nature-based tourism.
Stokke, K.B., Clemetsen, M., Aas, Ø., Haugen, T.O., Stensland, S. & Haraldseid, T.

Chapters in Nordic Perspectives on Nature-based Tourism: From Place-based Resources to Value-added Experiences
P. Fredman & Haukeland, J.V. (Eds)

Book published by Edward Elgar Publishing

Department of Landscape Architecture
Department of Urban and Regional Planning

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