Dairy Technology and Food Quality

Research and development of Functional foods is an area receiving increasing attention from several members of the group. The famous Jarlsberg cheese was developed here in the fifties following years of outstanding research and entrepreneurship.

Various collaboration projects between the group and developing countries are ongoing. Drinking water safety is essential as well as the introduction of suitable food technology as a way to help alleviate the food shortages in these countries.

Main focus is on contributing to NMBU being recognized as one of the the leading environments within Norway on raw material quality, processes and quality management for producing safe, healthy and competitive food with the right quality.

The group aims to:
1. Contribute to educating candidates preferred by the food industry and related industries.
2. Develope further the role as an internationally leading group working on refining of milk
3. Have a leading role within research on functional components in cereals, fruit, berries and vegetables
4. Increase the activity within food safety, quality management and risk management in the food industry

Main research areas: (name of contact person in brackets)

Dairy technology
- Cheese ripening – flavour, taste and texture (Skeie)
- Dairy ingredients 
- Milk quality and functionality 
- Fermented milk (Narvhus)

Food production hygiene
- Production hygiene and food safety
- Biofilm

Vegetable technology
- Phytochemicals as antioxidants and phenolic compounds Wicklund) 
- Acrylamide (Wicklund) 

Food and health
- Low-fat and low-carbohydrate foods (Skeie, Narvhus)
- Probiotic bacteria. Fermentation and metabolism in milk
- Development of probiotic products (Narvhus)

Development studies
- Indigenous fermented foods and beverages in South Africa (Narvhus).
- Food Safety in Ethiopia (Narvhus) Norad project.


Published 11. mai 2012 - 16:00 - Updated 11. February 2019 - 11:15