Deltakelse pa verdensbankens konferanse

Her finner du presentasjonen som ble holdt:
Command and Control: How Does It Work? The Case of Land Market Law Restrictions in Ethiopia

Under følger et sammendrag av paperet som Stein Holden ble presentert på Verdensbankens Land and Poverty-konferanse.


This study assesses the de jure and de facto land market law restrictions in Tigray Region in Ethiopia and the extent and speed of enforcement of the new land market law restrictions that were introduced in 2006 and stating that not more than 50% of the farm can be rented out and that land should be confiscated from households that have been away from their community for more than two years.

Both law restrictions are unpopular in the rural communities in the region. Only the land taking restriction for migrant households had been enforced through local Land Administration Committees by 2010, while the rented out area share restriction is commonly violated and not yet enforced.

Published 4. juli 2014 - 12:22 - Updated 2. november 2017 - 10:18