Tema Genetikk/Thesis proposals Genetics


Genetikk, genomvitenskap/ Genetics, Genome Science

Genombiologi/Genome Biology

  • Thesis propsals within Genome Biology: pdf


  • Simulation studies in optimal aquaculture breeding designs: pdf
  • Success of family production and early grow-out in breeding program for Atlantic cod: pdf
  • Early sexual maturity in rainbow trout: pdf
  • High throughput phenotyping of feed intake using Xray images of Atlantic salmon: pdf
  • High throughput phenotyping quality traits using Raman spectroscopy and machine learning: pdf
  • A global census of the Atlantic Salmon microbiome: pdf
  • Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of high throughput non-destructive methods of recording fat: pdf
  • Fine mapping to unravel genes for resistance to OsHV-1 virus in pacific oyster: pdf
  • Genetic variation in early survival traits in Atlantic salmon: pdf
  • Genetic variation of carcass quality traits in rainbow trout: pdf
  • Grading of eyed-eggs: pdf
  • Effect of time of stripping on survival of eggs and alevins of rainbow trout: pdf
  • Use of elite males when producing eyed-eggs for sale: pdf
  • Derivation of economic values for commercial traits in different production systems in Nile tilapia: pdf
  • Gene expression profile of Atlantic salmon eggs exposed to hydrogen sulphide: pdf
  • Functional characterisation of hydrogen sulphide responsive genes in Atlantic salmon: pdf
  • Molecular and cellular responses to sub-lethal level of hydrogen sulphide of Atlantic salmon post-smolts reared in RAS: pdf
  • Imputation to whole genome sequencing (WGS) for fine mapping and genomic selection in A. salmon: pdf



  • Develop CRISPR-Cas9 constructs and generate CRISPR-edited perennial ryegrass mutants for freezing and mild drought tolerance: pdf
  • Using CRISPR technology to develop pathogen resistant lettuce: pdf
  • Functional Studies of the CRISPR‐Cas Systems for Virus Elimination: pdf
  • Green CRISPR anti-viral leaves GC-AVL: pdf
  • Lettuce made hepatitis B Virus (HBV) vaccine antigen for future oral: pdf
  • The effect of temperature on seed dormancy and pre-harvest sprouting in wheat: pdf
  • Functional characterization of an important waterlogging tolerance QTL in spring wheat: pdf
  • Mapping QTLs for Seed Yield Traits in Red Clover: pdf
  • Historical kernel and spike trait changes in Norwegian spring wheat: pdf
  • Evaluation of drought tolerance in selected wheat cultivars under controlled polytunnel conditions: pdf
  • Genetic background of spring wheat canopy multispectral reflectance captured by drone imagery: pdf
  • Effect of gamma radiation on expression of genes related to DNA repair, cell division control and epigenetics: pdf
  • Genetic analysis of phenotypic traits in the forage legume lucerne: pdf
  • Detecting haplotype-resolved single-nucleotide variants and structural variation in the targeted genes: pdf
  • Detecting genes and gene networks associated with ice-encasement survival in forage grass timothy: pdf
  • Thesis proposals on Powdery mildew and gray mold: pdf
  • The genetics of race specific and race non-specific yellow rust resistance in spring wheat: pdf
  • Improved genomic selection for Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance in wheat: pdf 


  • Characteristics of meat from Old Norwegian sheep breeds: pdf

  • Individual phenotyping of feed efficiency in NRF using stable isotopes:pdf

  • Dairy cattle breeding / Breeding for improved calf health: pdf
  • Dairy cattle breeding / Performance of Norwegian Red internationally: pdf

  • Genetic and breeding thesis in cow, sheep, poultry and dog: pdf
  • Genetic correlation between the recruitment ewe lamb’s autumn weight and her reproduction at 12 months of age:  pdf

  • Genotype by environment interaction (GxE) effect on lamb autumn weights: a reaction norm approach using sire models: pdf

  • Enteric methane from Norwegian beef cattle: pdf

  • Enteric methane from small ruminants: breed differences in digestive anatomy- and physiology: pdf

  • Forslag til Masteroppgaver 2022 Norsvin: pdf

  • Bruk av genetiske grupper i avlsverdiberegningen for kjøttfe i Norge: pdf

  • Analyse av fruktbarhetsdata for seminokser i kjøttfeavlen: pdf

  • Evaluering av slakteprosent for kjøttferasene: pdf

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