From left: whole rapeseeds, dehulled rapeseeds, and the hull fraction.

Luftfraksjonering fjerner skallet på raps

Ved å bruke høyteknologisk luftfraksjonering har forskere i FeedMileage prosjektet, NMBU, klart å redusere mengden fiberrikt skall i rapsmelet.

Espen Solli

Bioeconomy enters the pig pen

To reduce the carbon footprint of pig feed and improve food security, researchers at NMBU are testing new types of feed. The aim is to investigate if some pigs have genes that enable them to thrive on a more Norwegian-inspired diet with ingredients such as spruce trees and algae.


Upgrading the nutritional value of rapeseed meal

By using high-technology air fractionation, scientists in FeedMileage project are able to reduce the amount of fiber-rich hulls in rapeseed meal.