Plant Cell Lab


Tone Ingeborg Melby, NMBU

Welcome to work in the Plant Cell Lab

Contact: Lab. coordinator Tone I. Melby,

Field of work and laboratory analysis 

  • Cell- and tissue culture (solid- and liquid cultures, bioreactors)
  • Molecular biology (gene sequences and gene transcript sequences, analyses of gene expression, in situ hybridization, and other standard molecular work)
  • Protein (Western-blot analysis, ELISA)
  • Cell biology (preparation for microscopy, immune-localization, light microscopy)
  • Biochemistry analysis (carbohydrates, fatty acids, pigments and others metabolites)
  • Transgenic organism (create and working GMOs, gene editing technology/CRISPR)

Two courses with a lot of laboratory teaching (Biotechnology in plant (BIO244), RNA in situ hybridization (BIO350)) have all their lab teaching here and is dependent on equipment/instruments that are also used in research.


Cell- and Tissue cultures  

Equipment for making nutrient media

  • Autoclave etc

Sterile rooms (4)

  • Laminair air flow benches (LAF) (8) and LAF Biohazard bench (1)

Growt rooms for cell- and tissue cultures (3)

  • Light 20°C
  • Light 23°C
  • Dark 23°C

Bioreactors (6)

  • 6 x 2 liters



Freeze drier




  • Telstar, LyoQuest with standard chamber.
    Ice condenser capacity 5 kg/24 h.





Rotavapor and Speed Vacuum Concentrator

  • Buchi. Rotavapor R210 and Vacuum Controller V850
  • Speed vacuum concentrator SC210A and Savant RVT400 Refrigator Vapor Trap

Light Microscopes

  • Leica DM 5000B fluorescens  microscope with camera (Leica DFC 425) connected to a computer with image analysis software (LAS), manuell multifocus.
    Fluorescens filters: UV (A), Blue(I3), Green(N2)
  • Two old microscope, upright (1) and invert (1) for liquid tissue culture

Stereo Microscopes

  • Leica M205 with automatic multifocus and camera/software like DM 5000B.
  • Leica MZFLIII fluorescens with camera (Leica DC 300F) connected to a computer with image analysis software. Fluorescens filters: UV, GFP2(Plus fluorescens), GFP3 (Plant fluorescens)
  • Routine manual stereo microscopes (10)


Embedding system paraffin wax


Tissue-Tek VIP


  • Tissue processing machine – Tissue -Tek VIP

Tissue-Tek Tek





  • Embedding machine – Tissue-Tek TEC





Precision balance

  • Mettler Toldeo.  Excellence Plus XP. Range: 1µg – 6 g


Instruments, molcular biology

  • TissueLyser II. Rapid Cell & Tissue Homogenization
  • DNA/RNA UV-cleaner.  PCR-cabinet for master-mix.
  • DNA gel electrophoresis equipment


  • Helios-α. For cuvettes, UV-Vis.
  • Biochrom Asys UVM 340. Plate reader, 340nm-800nm.


    Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • NanoDrop One. Concentration and purity of DNA/RNA/Protein










Aglient Technologies

  • Aglient 2100 bioanalyser.
    Check the quality of RNA/DNA, also the quantity.






PCR systems


Thermo Fisher Scientific


  • Quantitativ PCR. 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System, Applied Biosystem


    Bio Rad Laboratories


  • QX200 Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR), Bio-Rad.
    Applications like gene expression, copy number variation (CNV), rare event/mutation detection, CRISPR.

  • Tetrad 2 DNA Engine Cycle. End-point PCR, capabilities to run gradient PCR.
  • T100 Thermal Cycler, Bio-Rad. End-point PCR, capabilities to run gradient PCR. 





Life Technologies

  • Qubit assays, Life. Accurately quantifies DNA, RNA and protein. 








Tone Ingeborg Melby, NMBU

  • Protein Electrophoresis. Mini-Protein systems, Bio-Rad.
  •  Western Blot. Trans-Blot Turbo Transfer system, Bio-Rad. Rapid transfer.




Imaging systems

Chemi-Doc MP

Bio Rad Laboratories

  • Chemi-Doc MP, Bio-Rad. Gel or Western blot imaging. Multiplex fluorescent western blotting, chemiluminiscence detection, geldokumentation, stain-free technology


Plant Cell Lab.     Economy

Bench fee

  • One man –labor year of the lab costs NOK 25 000
  • Nobody can pay lower than  0.3 one man-labour, NOK 7 500

The bench fee cover:

  • Use all the instruments in the lab
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Ultra freezer, included boxes
  • Common chemicals; salts, EtOH, acids, organic solvents etc
  • Glass and some plastic labware, autoclave bag etc
  • Gloves, dust mask etc


Staff in the laboratory

Pelle Mikkelsen

  • Cell- and tissue cultures
  • Biotechnology, molecular biology

Linda Ripel
Safety delegate    

  • Biotechnology, molecular biology, gene expression etc.
  • Responsible for ordering

Silje Roksti    

  • Cell- and tissue cultures etc
  • Green house

Tone Melby
Lab coordinator    

  • Cell- and tissue cultures
  • Biotechnology, molecular biology, gene expression, gene expression etc.
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