Kompetanse på NMBU

Her er en liste over personer med kompetanse på urbant landbruk ved NMBU

- Horticulture (ornamentals, vegetables, fruits and berries)

- Plant production through seedlings

- Plant production through cuttings

- Plant production through grafting

- Composting at home

- Plant nutrition

- Plant protection

- Hobby greenhouse production

- Hydroponics

- Urban planning policy and facilitation of urban agriculture

- Local development implications of urban agriculture

- Green space management concerns with urban gardening

- Perception and learning about cultivation in public space

- Urban design to encourage social meetings

-Citizen led initiatives in public space

- Social opportunities and challenges related to integration of UA in public spaces

- Non-economic valuation frameworks for UA interventions

- UA and its impacts on the quality of urban life

- Educational and therapeutic potential of UA

- Political theory perspectives on UA

Published 19. november 2019 - 18:26 - Updated 11. desember 2019 - 7:33