Feiring av doktorer/Honouring the doctors 2019-21

Feiring av doktorer/Honouring the doctors 2019-21

Hendelse avsluttet
Digital experience
14:00 - 15:00

NMBU honour with this digital experience the Doctors conferred upon between the autumn 2019 and spring 2021.

This year’s celebration of NMBU’s recently graduated doctors is as a result of the corona situation and travel restrictions developed as a digital experience. We have gathered greetings from the rector and the deans, pieces of music and presentation of the doctors on one web page. The web page is made available on Friday 17 September at 14:00, and you can visit the web page when the time suits you and those you would wish to share it with.

The page will be available until 17 September 2022. 

The winner of the Alf Bjørseth Inspiration Award 2021 will be announced.

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Published 10. juni 2021 - 8:10 - Updated 16. september 2021 - 12:45