The Sustainability Revel – wit, science and the future

The Sustainability Revel – wit, science and the future

Hendelse avsluttet
14:00 - 15:10

This event is to honour the doctors conferred upon this last year, and to provide an arena for projects funded by NMBU’s seed funding, to the Alf Bjørseth’s Inspiration award 2020, and also to air thoughts on sustainability with a dialogue session. The event replaces the Doctoral degree ceremony which has been postponed to 2021 due to the Corona situation.

Programme 18. September


Welcome by Rector Sjur Baardsen


Address to the new Doctors by Prorector of research and innovation Siri Fjellheim


The Alf Bjørseth Inspiration Award

The award is given to a recently conferred Doctor whose PhD thesis shows excellence and innovative thinking within the field of renewable energy and/ or life sciences. This year three Doctors were nominated.

Tone Bjørseth Andersen will present the award.


The NMBU Seed Funding program

NMBU has awarded 17 projects with internal seed funding within "interdisciplinary collaboration for sustainability".

Prorector of research and innovation Siri Fjellheim will give an overall presentation of the project and their current results. In addition, two projects will be presented:


Dr. Elena Rocca and Dr. Rani Lill Anjum, Researchers from School of Economics and Business Title: How to work together towards a sustainable future? Training tomorrow’s researchers to identify, understand and overcome the barriers for interdisciplinary collaboration and research

Associate Professor Ola Westengen from Faculty of Landscape and Society
Title: The Seeds of Sustainable Food Systems


Dialogue about sustainability and the future

In the panel: Associate Professor Erling Dokk Holm, Professor Gaute Einevold, Prorector of Education Solve Sæbø and Professor Yngvild Wasteson.

Chair: Prorector of research and innovation Siri Fjellheim

Language: English


You can still have a look at the livestream:



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