Ph.D. Webinar Series - Rhetoric for developing outlines

Ph.D. Webinar Series - Rhetoric for developing outlines

11:00 - 12:00

Interactive webinar, group activity and discussion over Zoom to improve your research writing skills.

Part 4 of 4 Part Series
Rhetoric for developing outlines

The pre-writing process is the hardest part of writing, and should culminate in an outline. An outline is a blueprint or map we use to guide our writing process, and without a good blueprint or map with clear instructions to guide our writing, we will become lost. Unfortunately, many research writers do not always produce thorough outlines, and instead they use the writing process as part of their pre-writing work - trying to organize their ideas and form logical connections and coherent narratives. Working without a well-defined outline is a cause of wasted time and additional stress. However, if you use your time during the pre-writing stage to develop a concrete outline for your writing process, the drafting and revision stage becomes much smoother and easier. But, how do we build an outline? Are there templates that we can use? What if my narrative differs from basic outline templates?

In this webinar, you will learn why outlining is important, and how you can customize your own research template by linking your desired writing format to how other authors have written. By learning how to break-down published literature, you can learn the rhetorical elements that can be applied in different sections, you can develop your own outline template, and you can improve the sturcture and coherence of your ideas as you develop your outline.

This webinar series uses a flipped classroom approach. Prior to the webinar, participants are expected to review a video and complete a brief activity while watching the video. The webinar is an opportunity to discuss ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other, all guided by a Ph. D. and Writing Advisor from the NMBU Writing Centre.

Please note - all webinars are presented in English.

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