Ph.D/PostDoc Webinar - Articles versus the Kappe

Ph.D/PostDoc Webinar - Articles versus the Kappe

11:00 - 12:30

Interactive lecture, activity, and discussion about how to improve your research writing process and skills.

Ph.D Writing Webinar
Topic - Articles versus the Kappe: Different audiences, different purposes

Part 2 of 4 in our Article-based Ph.D webinar series

An article-based thesis will require you to combine your articles into a Kappe. However, there is not always clear guidance on how a Kappe can be written. Since Ph.Ds only need to write one Kappe, we have little experience with knowing the purpose and the intended audience of the Kappe, compared to the experience we gain in writing articles for peer-reviewed journals. In this webinar, we will discuss why you need to think differently about your Kappe than your articles, and how to identify the Kappe's purpose and audience for smoother, more effective Kappe writing.

Webinars involve a 20-30 minute lecture/presentation, 20-30 minutes of small group work relevant to your research, and 20-30 minutes of open discussion. An optional 30 minutes is available from 12:30-13:00 for answering further questions or more deeply discuss writing-related issues you face.

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Published 26. February 2021 - 10:30 - Updated 12. April 2021 - 15:27