Other meetings 2017

Minutes from other meetings can be found on Fronter or by contacting the Student Board (AU) at studenttinget@nmbu.no or a visit at our office at the Clock building(U121).

At Fronter you can find the papers at the room called "Studentdemokratiet" in the right row with the other subjeckts you have applied for.

The Student Board (Studenttingets Arbeidsutvalg,AU)  

List of minutes

The University Board (Universitetsstyret, US)

Academic Affairs Committee (Studieutvalget, SU)

SiÅs Board (Studentsamskipnaden i Ås, SiÅs)

Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund (Studentenes og Akademikernes Internasjonale Hjelpefond, SAIH)  

International Student Union (ISU)

The Research Committee (Forskningsutvalget, FU)

Learning Enironment Committee (Læringsmiljøutvalget, LMU)


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