Sit down to lunch with The Student Board

Every other thursdag until the end of september the Student Board will have their lunch in the different cafeterias around campus fra 11:30 - 12:30 - and we want to be disrupted!

Join us and talk to us about the themes mentioned below, og any other things that might be on your mind. 

27.08.2020 - Sørhellinga - How can you learn better?

10.09.2020 - Økonomikantina - How can NMBU become more environmental friendly?

24.09.2020 - Hjerterommet - Digital teaching - what works and what doens't?

See you at lunch

Sit down to lunch with The Student Board

The Student Board wants you to join then for lunch

Published 27. August 2020 - 12:56 - Updated 27. August 2020 - 12:56