Student Election Spring 2020

  • Student Election 2020

New Spring means a new Student Election, and we need you to run for one of the positions. No prior knowledge is required and everyone has the opportunity to run. The Student Election will take place from 20 - 27 April and up for election is the president of the Student Board and 2 Student Board members, female representative in the Faculty Boards and female representative in the University Board. 



Student Election Spring 2020

Important links:

Candidacies are to be sent in here:

Electronic Electionportal:

NMBU's election page:

NB: for all candidates - to be able to write and understand Norwegian is an absolute requirement in order to run.

See deadlines and dates at the bottom of the page!

In the spring, female representatives are elected for the University Board and the Faculty Boards.

The Faculty Board is the highest body at each faculty. There will be elected one student permanent representative and one deputy representative at each faculty. 

The University Board consists of representatives from the management, academic employees, technical employees, external representatives and two student representatives. The University Board is NMBU's governing body.There will be elected one permanent representatives and one deputy representative.


Dates and deadlines:

13.04: Deadline for submission of candidacies

16.04: Candidacies are published

20.04-27.04: Student Election are ongoing

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