Student Election Spring 2019 have started

From the 08th of April to 12th of April ( at 1200 in the afternoon) the Student Election Spring 2019 will be held. 

The portal is now open.

On election: The President of the Student Board, the Vice President of the Student Board, female representatives for The University Board and all the Faculty Boards. 

Student Election Spring 2019 have started

You can vote here:

Click on the link and vote for representatives for The Student Board, Faculty Board and University Board.

You can read more about the candidates here:


The Student Board:

Is the Student Parliaments working group, and represent the students og NMBU between the Student Parliaments and fronts their politics and opinions directly to the leaders of NMBU. The Student Board consists of 6 representatives in addition to the secretary of the organization, two full-time and 4 part-time representatives.

President: Responsible for the strategic work. Represents NMBU students to the upper management at NMBU. Works for a good cooperation between the University Board and the municipality. It is a fulltime position from summer to summer with a leave of absence from their studies.

Vice President: Works with the elected representatives. Is responisble for the day to day operation of the Student Board office. Is second in command after the President. Has a position in the University Study Selection Board and The learningenvironment board. It is a fulltime position, from summer to summer with leave of absence from their studies.


Faculty Board Election:

Female candidates are to be elected to all the Faculties. 


University Board Election

The University Board consists of representatives from the management, academic employees, technical employees, external representatives and two student representatives. The University Board is NMBU's governing body.

There are female candidates that shall be elected.



To Pesident of the Student Board

Tord Hauge


To Vice Preseident of the Student Board

Kristine Øienstad Høy

Ane Magnussen


To the University Board

Nina Vold Johansen

Hanne Berggreen (wishes to run for deputy)


To the Faculty Boards 


Marianne Mjelde

Emilie Sandell

Ilze Vakse

Ingvild Munz



Cecilie Augensen Nilsen



Ingvild Hals Hauge

Beate Bjørgan



Ida Børve Smith

Anne Tove Græsdal Våge



Emma Kuskemoen

Ingeborg Marie Bjørlo

Selma Sollihagen



Mari Valle Kjelby

Aina Hustveit



Thea Menne Scheide

Tonje Vullum (ønsker å bli vara)

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