Kick-off 2018!

Student Democracy's kick-off conference will be held the weekend from 3 to 4 February. Saturday is for student representatives in the Student Parliament, while Sundays are for student representatives at all levels of student democracy at NMBU. Info can be found here!

Kick-off 2018!

NB: All student representatives will receive e-mail with information about the weekend. Check your student email. If you have questions about kick-off send them to the vice president of the Student Board at

The Student Board has this year the pleasure of inviting all student representatives in the Student Democracy to Kick-opp!

Kick-off sign up form can be found at the bottom of the page.


Saturday 3rd February - Student Parliament Training

Who: the Student Parliament's representatives, chairmen, control committees and leaders of the student councils.

Time: From 10 onwards. Return to Ås Sunday morning.

Location: Sørmarka Hotell. There will be bus from Ås Saturday at. 10:00.

Program: Sent to participants by mail.


Sunday 4th of February - Student Democracy Kick-off 2018

Who: For all student representatives at NMBU. This includes class representatives, student councils, student representatives in faculty boards, program councils, the education committee, the research committee, the nomination and appointment committee, university board students, etc.

Time: 12.00 -16.00

Place: Festsalen, Urbygningen (clock building)

Theme of the day: Student participation

Program: Coming soon!

Registration form for Sunday 4 February is available here.
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