"Winterblues"; do You need someone to talk to?

The days seems shorter, it gets dark earlier and the exams are soon here. Does it get to You? Do You need someone to talk to? Below we have listed information where You may seek help.

"Winterblues"; do You need someone to talk to?

Ås Commune's Health Care Center is open at:

Monday: 08.30 - 11.00

Wednesday: 14.30 - 20.00

Thursday: 08.30 - 13.30

Adress: Idrettsveien 21 (Ås ungdomsskole), 1430 Ås. Phone number: 64 96 22 40.

University chaplain

You can meet the Pastor Sigurd Bakke at his office is in the Clock building.

Please contact him at Phone. 990 15 790 or on

E-mail: sigrud.bakke@aas.kommune.no

You are welcome regardless of faith, religion or way of life. The University Chaplain is bound to professional secrecy, and has the time to talk! Contact the Unviersity Chaplain for an appointment or just drop in.

Deviations? Speak up! Follow link for further information:


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