Student Parliament no. 4 in 4 minutes!

1. Economical status report.

2. The latest from the organization of nmbu was presented by aus leader mariya khanamiryan. From 1.1.17 the units will no longer be called Institute, but faculty. The following institutes will be merged:
The names of all faculties from 1.1. is not yet decided.

3. Studenttinget voted to remove the case " Skyggeregnskap " from ST4 and rather introduce " economic status report: Preliminary results " as an orientation on ST3.

4. Discussion about control committee, which there is interest in introdusing.

5. Discussion about the rules for the allocation of welfare funds. It was discussed, among other things, that one should distinguish more clearly between society meeting funds and activity funds in the rules, including information about how much money that's in every pot. It was also questioned why you don't have to produce receipts for expenses of less than 1000 kroner.

6. Brief discussion about problems with the new parking rules. Many people park along the lawn due to lack of space.

7. Elections. The following representatives were elected:

Committee for the allocation of welfare funds:
- Anniken løvig
- Tord hauge

- Elise Marie Eriksen
- Vara: Alma olofsson

3. Vara: Kirsti Winnberg
4. Vara: Rolf Hansen
5. Vara: Anne Aase-mæland

Sentral Opptakskomite:
Vara: Hans Kristian Hartvig
Vara: Runar Smedås

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Published 31. October 2016 - 18:13 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:11

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