SiÅs Board


The SiÅs-board has the responsibility for the over all activity of the Studentsamskipnaden(SiÅs) in Ås, both strategically and financially. The board consists of a total of seven representatives. Four students, one leader, one deputy and two board members. There is a representative from NMBU, an external representative and an employee representative. The two student representatives are elected by the Student Parliament as board members for two years. One year as Board members, and second year as either leader or vice leader. All board members are still sitting as individuals and have a personal responsibility for the business results for the Companies Act. The board must always consist of at least 50% students, primarily because the student welfare will conduct student welfare for students, with a healthy and strong economy. The SiÅs -board are responsible for reports about their work to the Student Parliament. There are about 6-8 meetings per year, and the employment is paid.

What benefits are you given by sitting in the SiÅs-board:

- Engage in further development of the student welfare at NMBU, campus Ås

- Experiencing actual board work in a organization with many different activities

- Seminars

- Personal development


Student representatives for the school year 2022/2023

Selma Sollihagen (chairman)

Kim Andrè Nielsen

Ida Beate løken

Åsmund Tunheim


Deputy student representatives

Magnus Dybdahl

Tor Grobstok

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