Student Board

The Student Board (AU) consists of a President and Vice President employed full-time (100%), Welfare Officer employed at 30%, International Officer employed at 30%, a Marketing Officer employed at 20% and Sustainability and Research Officer employed at 20%.

The president and vice president are chosen in a spring election in which all students at NMBU have voting rights. The rest of the members of the Student Board are elected by the Student Parliament. All positions are one year terms. The Student Board works every day with issues of concern to NMBU students. It manages the daily operations of local student democracy, communicates with the central offices of NSO, raises and promotes student issues, and represents students on many boards and committees at NMBU.

These students are currently part of the Student Board:

Tord Hauge

President of the Student Parliament and Student Board

476 36 511


Anne Gladsø Wibe

Vice President of the Student Parliament and Student Board

478 55 267


Elena Lungrin

International officer

411 02 394


Ragnhild Gabrielsen

Welfare officer

960 15 487


Henriette Vågen Aase

Marketing officer

976 00 758


Magnus Dybdahl

Sustainability and Research officer

 969 13 346


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