Student Board

The Student Board (AU) consists of a President and two members whereof one is deputy president. All three are employed in full-time positions (100%), 

The Student Board is elected in a spring election in which all students at NMBU have voting rights.  All positions are one year terms, they start from 01.07.20xx - 30.06.20xx. The Student Board works every day with issues of concern to NMBU students. It manages the daily operations of local student democracy, communicates with the central offices of NSO, raises and promotes student issues, and represents students on many boards and committees at NMBU.

These students are currently part of the Student Board:

Jens Bartnes
Leder for Studenttinget og AU
Mob: 403 15 636


Helene Sylvarnes
Medlem og leders stedfortreder i Studenttingets Arbeidsutvalg
Mob: 977 74 853


Åse Vigdisdatter Nytrø
Medlem i Studenttingets Arbeidsutvalg

Mob: 957 69 741 


Published 29. February 2016 - 11:11 - Updated 8. August 2022 - 13:37