Student Council



The Student Councils

Each faculty has a student council consisting of class representatives from each class in the faculty, as well as representatives to Teaching Committees, Research Committees, and Department Boards. In addition, student council members are the department liaisons to the Student Board. Student councils discuss current affairs and issues applicable to their departments, and determine which of these to bring up with the Student Parliament. Each student council elects representatives to the Student Parliament, who act as the link between local and central student democracy for their faculty.



Student Council Leaders and Deputy Leaders 

for spring and fall 2022


Faculty of  for Biosciences

Leader: Magnus Flåten Nickelsen
Deputy Leader: Johanna Walmann Hidle

Contact at:

School og Economics and Business

Leader: Jens Bartnes
Deputy Leader: Sara Louise Adielson

Contact at: 

The Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Sciences

Leader: Iben Amalie Lund Johansen
Deputy Leader: Ben Børlien

Contact at:

Faculty of Science and Technology

Leader: Maja Raz Karterud
Deputy Leader: Ane Siqveland Kalheim

Contact at:

The Faculty of Landscape and Society

Leader: Janne Mercedes Prinsen
Deputy Leader: Elizabeth Belozertseva

Contact at:

Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management

Leader: Sigrid Arnestad
Deputy Leader: Birgitte Emilie Hoff

Contact at:

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Leader: Linda Lindstad

Deputy Leader: Aminah Nofal

Contact at:





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