Student Parliament

Student Parliament

Student Parliament is the highest body of student governance at NMBU and consists of 25 student representatives from all departments at NMBU. Student Parliament approves the budget for student democracy, adopts policies, and elects representatives to SiÅs, the Academic Board, and Research Committee (plus a number of other boards and committees). There are three meetings per semester.


Representatives in the Student Parliament, fall 2022


Faculty of Bioscienses

Vegard Brandt Slevigen
Bonnie Sutherland
Ingrid Sand


School og Economics and Business

pending replacement  
Josefine Brægge
Reinert Hjemdal
Jacob Gundersen


The Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Sciences

Ida Sauro Høimyr
Erlend kristoffer Staavi
Maren Sofie Foss Gulliksen


Faculty of Science and Technology

Celine Sophie Dolly Tveter
Amanda Seeger Halvorsen
Emil Langsrud Westlie
Sara Duun
Tobias Bjørnstad


The Faculty of Landscape and Society

Marte Vestvik,
Daniel Bjørnstad Kristiansen,
Vegard Mundal
Anders Endor Nordengen,


The Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management


Mathilde Brunvoll
Ingrid Helene Lunde Nilssen
Ada Marie Orthe Karlsen


 The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Ingeborg Skei
Monica Brynildsen
Thea Øvregaard




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