The Student Parliament at NMBU

Student Parliament at NMBU was founded on 27 November 2013 following the merger of Student Parliament NSO Ås and the Veterinary Medicine Student Council. Student Parliament at NMBU is an open organization that represents all students at NMBU. By law, all higher-education students are organized through and represented by their local student democracy. Student Parliament at NMBU is your local student democracy, whether you study at Campus Ås or Campus Adamstuen.

Student Parliament meets three times per semester, and is the highest body of student governance at NMBU. The Student Board (Arbeidsutvalget) represents the students between the Student Parliament.

You are represented in your department’s student council by your elected class representative. Once per semester, you can help by electing your class representative to the student council. Student council leaders sit on department boards. All students have the right to attend and speak at Student Parliament meetings, but only Student Parliament representatives can cast a vote. Therefore, it is very important to elect representatives at your department’s general assembly.

As a student at NMBU, you are also a citizen of NMBU. That means you have rights and responsibilities that apply to all students at NMBU. This is a prerequisite for your participation. As a citizen of NMBU, you not only have rights - you can also participate to effect changes to these rights. This is imperative for academic independence, credibility, and perseverance.

Published 24. February 2016 - 14:03 - Updated 4. April 2022 - 12:17