Fashion Revolution Market


Fashion Revolution Market

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17:00 - 20:00

The Fashion Revolution Team at NMBU invites everyone to join us for the international fashion revolution week, and come stroll across our market ♥

You can look forward to clothes fixing stations, upcycling workshops, a clothing swap, political action while learning about the life cycle of fashion, and much more!

We will provide rad music by DJ Stinker, some snacks and drinks. Bring your own cup, plate and cuttlery to avoid waste :)


Clothes are supposed to last for years! Husflid will kickstart their monthly fix it events by having a fix it room at the market, so bring your old clothes in need of a fix. They will help you to work some magic on your pieces. We believe that #lovedclotheslast .


Fashion is not made to linger around in our closets!

If you have anything, that is still nice but you don't actually want to wear it, SWAP it!! :)

At our market you can exhange your clothes to tickets, which you can in turn exhange for other clothes that you like .

Everyone who has some clothes to swap is welcome to drop them off 1 hour before the event starts. But of course you can still do so after it has begun.

The exhange rates per the will be negotiated.

If you don't have anything to swap you can also buy tickets for a fixed price or lower, if you are lucky ;) Find out more about that at the event.

Be part of the revolution and SWAP, DON'T SHOP ♥

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Published 3. April 2019 - 16:05 - Updated 3. April 2019 - 16:05