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Reminder: NOVA PhD Course Advanced Course of Innovation Systems in Circular Bioeconomy - Open for Applications

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The course will take place on 19 -23 Aug. 2019, in Helsinki, Finland.
Deadline for applications: 30 Apr. 2019.

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The course is of 5 ECTS, and is organised by Professor Anne Toppinen, University of Helsinki: Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. 

Course Description
The aim of this course is to provide a systematic overview of innovation, innovation systems, and their roles in industrial transformation to the circular bioeconomy. Innovation is the necessary ingredient for successful transition of existing governments, companies and societies toward a sustainable future pathway. 

The proposed course has emphasis on the theoretical aspects of innovation system development. The empirical examples are drawn particularly from the business management, governance and networks of especially food and forest sectors finding ways to lead and adapt to the systemic sustainability transition. 
Furthermore, the course brings insights from the economic geography literature in the context of cross-border collaboration networks. 

The course is designed to bring about collaboration among a broad set of interdisciplinary bioeconomy and circular economy researchers working with the sectors depending on sustainable use of natural resources. We anticipate participation of PhD students from multiple disciplines, industry sectors and countries.


The course aims to clarify the foundational concept and applications of innovation literature drawing concrete examples from the industry.

The examples of conceptual topics covered in the course:

  • Organizational culture of innovation
  • Business models and cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Innovations in mature industries
  • New product development and innovation diffusion
  • Social entrepreneuship
  • Open innovation
  • Governance of sustainable innovation system
  • Regional innovation systems
  • Cross-border cooperation in the context of sustainable development

Programme Outline
The course consists of pre-readings, one week intensive contact teaching, and a course essay due one or two months after the course. An excursion takes place during one of the afternoons.

Main Teachers

  • Professor Eric Hansen, Oregon State University,
  • Professor Anne Toppinen, University of Helsinki
  • Associate Professor, Cecilia Mark-Herbert, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Jaana Korhonen, University of Helsinki

Please find more information on the course and on how to apply here:

Published 19. March 2019 - 12:52 - Updated 20. March 2019 - 9:31