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Reminder: NOVA PhD Course "Dynamic Modelling of Cropping Systems" - Opens for Applications on 15 Sept. 2018

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    Håkon Sparre, NMBU.

The course will take place on 4-8 Mar. 2019, in Umeå, Sweden.
Application period: 15 Sept. - 31 Dec. 2018.

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The course is of 4 ECTS and is organised by Marcos Lana and David Parsons, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Course Description
The course will introduce and familiarize PhD students with the operation of a crop model to support their research and allow a detailed understanding of the cropping system and the processes within it. Once the participants are familiar with the crop model, they shall adapt it to their own specific research questions.

The content focus on the operation of the crop model. Participants will learn the principles of modelling cropping systems, inputs, and basic simulations. Aspects such as model calibration, validation, and results interpretation will be discussed.

Programme Outline

  • Day 1 Cropping systems theory, why use crop models
    • Course outline. General introduction. Framework of crop models. How a model works.
  • Day 2 Modelling complexity
    • Modelling different systems (single crops, rotations, forages)
  • Day 3 Climate change and calibration
    • Climate change and plant responses to temperature, radiation, rainfall, CO2.
    • Open source datasets (CCAFS, AgMIP).
    • Collection of field data and calibration techniques.
  • Day 4 Assessing the performance of crop models.
    • Concepts of model evaluation.
    • Group work with datasets. Presentation of results.
  • Day 5 Cropping systems model as a research tool
    • Designing a post-campus individual research project.
    • Planning and discussing with feedback from students and tutors.
Main Teachers
  • Prof. Dr. David Parsons, Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden; Crop Production Unit, SLU.
  • Dr. sc. agr. Marcos Lana, Department of Crop Production Ecology; Agricultural cropping systems, SLU.
Please find more information on the course and on how to apply here:
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