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Priorities for the NOVA Open Call 2018

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The thematic priorities for the NOVA Open Call 2018 are:

  • Sustainable food production systems, 
  • One Health - animal science and veterinary medicine, 
  • Ecosystem services and bioeconomy, and
  • Interdisciplinary environmental resource management. 

Applications in other fields are also welcome.

Deadline in the first round of the Open Call 2018: 3 May 2018.

You can now apply for funding in the NOVA Open Call 2018. Please note that the NOVA Board has approved a new Strategy for 2018-2021 and new regulations. As a two-year pilot, the funding model for PhD and master's courses has been simplified. In the Open Call, approved PhD and master's courses that meet the requirements will receive a total lump sum of €10,000 plus €1,000 for administration. Incentive grants of €2,000 for Nordic cooperation and for courses held within thematic priorities set by the Board are also available.

Administration is reduced and less documents are required. Moreover, the funding scheme for PhD courses is expanded to also include digital courses, PhD activities and competence-enhancing courses for PhD students and other scientists. The funding scheme for master's courses is expanded to also include digital courses.

NB! There will only be two application rounds in the Open Call 2018. The first application deadline is 3 May 2018. Course implementation is in 2019.

PhD Courses
It is possible to apply for funding of specialised, international and interdisciplinary PhD courses/activities, veterinary specialisation courses, PhD course series, as well as competence-enhancing courses for PhD students and other scientists. Digital courses are part of the funding scheme.

Master's Courses
NOVA supports master’s level courses in specific areas where Nordic cooperation can add particular value. It is possible to apply for financing of master’s courses exceeding €5,000, as well as course series on the master’s level. Digital courses are part of the funding scheme.

You can also apply for support for combined master's and PhD courses.

Thematic priorities for the Open Call 2018:

  • Sustainable food production systems
  • One Health - animal science and veterinary medicine
  • Ecosystem services and bioeconomy
  • Interdisciplinary environmental resource management

Applications in other fields are also welcome.

In general, the NOVA Board prioritises courses with a Nordic dimension and added value.

How to Apply
Only applications submitted in NOVA's online application system will be accepted. The NOVA Board will only review complete applications that meet NOVA's requirements and are in accordance with NOVA's regulations.

After you have submitted the application, your local NOVA coordinator will receive access to it for local evaluation. He/she may contact you for questions or clarifications. When your application has been approved by your home institution, the local coordinator will submit it to NOVA. Please see more detailed information on the application process here.

Deadlines Open Call 2018

Application deadline to home institution

Application deadline to NOVA

Board’s approval

Course implementation

3 May

17 May

8 Jun.


25 Oct.

8 Nov.

29 Nov.


Main Requirements in Short
  • There shall be joint Nordic planning of NOVA courses/activities and a clear added value of organising courses/activities in the NOVA Network. All activities financed by NOVA must be research based.
  • NOVA strongly encourages that NOVA activities are sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Total minimum number of students: 10 qualified and registered NOVA and BOVA students. If not obtained, the course should be cancelled.
  • The course must have qualified and registered students from at least two NOVA institutions or at least one NOVA institution and one BOVA institution.
If there are available resources remaining from the NOVA grant, it is encouraged to use them towards networking in connection with the course.
As explained in NOVA's Strategy 2018-2021 and in the details to the Strategy, NOVA continues as a platform for networking for students, teachers and researchers, and thus ensures Nordic competitiveness in research and education within and outside the Network. NOVA has increased focus on fostering networks for the creation of new and existing PhD courses. With a view to enhancing the utilisation of NOVA as a vehicle for increased research activity and cooperation, at both the Nordic and the global level, the organisation of researcher meetings, workshops or seminars in connection with courses is encouraged. Course organisers can invite international experts to teach courses and facilitate NOVA courses in cooperation with other international groups.

NOVA encourages collaboration with the Baltic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network (BOVA).

Detailed Information and Application
Please find more detailed information on the new funding model, requirements, regulations and links to the online application for the different funding schemes in the Open Call from the links below:

Funding Schemes outside the Open Call
NOVA has other funding schemes for which applications can be submitted continuously: master's courses not exceeding €5,000 and other projects. Other projects include the planning of courses, support to application writing to other funding bodies and other pedagogical projects in order to foster new or existing networks.

If you have any questions regarding NOVA's funding schemes, please do not hesitate to contact the local NOVA coordinator at your institution or the NOVA Secretariat.

Published 23. March 2018 - 14:24 - Updated 23. March 2018 - 14:34