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NOVA PhD Course "Quantitative Genetics Applied in Animal Breeding" - Open for Applications

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    Janne Karin Brodin, NMBU

The course will take place on 6-10 Aug. 2018, in Mikkeli, Finland.
Deadline for applications: 30 Apr. 2018.

The course is of 3 ECTS, and is organised by Prof. Pekka Uimari, University of Helsinki - Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.

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Course Description
The course will focus on population and quantitative genetics that is relevant in animal breeding. The course is aimed at students with an interest in quantitative genetics or animal breeding. 

The course will focus on understanding, analysing, and utilizing the genetic basis of quantitative traits for animal breeding and genetics, with a focus on application in the genomic selection era.

Programme Outline
The lectures will cover the following topics: Basics of quantitative traits and quantitative variation, Genotypic variance and its components, The normal distribution and the infinitesimal model, Variance components estimation and heritability, Epistasis, Relatedness among relatives, the relationship matrix, Inbreeding and heterosis, The multivariate normal distribution, two-trait models, genetic and environmental correlation, genotype by environment interactions, norm of reaction, Maternal effects, Genetic drift, Wright’s F statistics, FST, FIS, effective population size, factors affecting Ne, Linkage disequilibrium, haplotypes, the Bulmer effect, QTL mapping, genetic markers, association studies, Quantitative genetics of genomic models. Some of the topics will be covered with independent study prior and during the course. The lectures are accompanied with practicals.

Main teacher:

  • Prof. Bernt Guldbrandtsen, Aarhus University

Other teachers:

  • Prof. Asko Mäki-Tanila, University of Helsinki
  • Prof. Ismo Stranden, Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)
  • Prof. Pekka Uimari, University of Helsinki

Please find more information on the course and on how to apply here:

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