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NOVA PhD Course "Advanced Imaging Procedures in Canine Clinical Veterinary Science" - Extended Application Deadline

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    Gisle Bjørneby

The course will take place on 29 May - 2 Jun. 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.
New application deadline: 28 Apr. 2017.

The course is of 2 ECTS and is organised by Prof. Thomas Spillmann, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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Course Description
The course aims at presenting new development in diagnostic imaging of the digestive and reproductive tract and their diseases in dogs. The attendants get familiar with the indications, diagnostic possibilities and research applications of advanced endoscopic methods such as white light endoscopy, chromoendoscopy and endoscopic narrow band imaging. They will also be educated in minimal invasive endoscopic treatment procedures. The abdominal ultrasound session focusses on elastography as a new modality for mapping elastic properties in soft tissues and on advances in ultrasound to monitor ovarian and uterine health in the bitch. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) session will finally reveal how MRI can improve the imaging of reproductive organs and their pathologies.

Programme Outline

  • Day 1 – 28.05.2017
    • Arrival and accommodation
  • Day 2 – 29.05.2017
    • Lecture session about white light endoscopy, chromoendoscopy and endoscopic narrow band imaging of the gastrointestinal tract
    • Afternoon: preparation of group presentations for the endoscopy journal club
  • Day 3 – 30.05.2017
    • Morning: Lecture session about Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography, Endoscopic Mucosal Resection and Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection
    • Afternoon: Endoscopy Journal Club based on group presentations
  • Day 4 – 31.05.2017
    • Morning: Lecture session by specialists about elastography of the liver
    • Afternoon: Preparation of group presentations for the ultrasound journal club
  • Day 5 – 01.06.2017
    • Morning: Lecture session about latest advancement of using ultrasonography in monitoring follicle development, timing of ovulation, optimal time for breeding, and uterine health in the bitch
    • Afternoon: Ultrasound Journal Club based on group presentations about using abdominal ultrasound as methods for clinical research
  • Day 6 – 02.06.2017
    • Morning: Lecture session about the use of computed tomography and magnet resonance imaging in assessing reproductive health and disease of male and female dogs
    • Afternoon: Travel home

Main Teachers

  • Veterinary Medicine
    • Prof. Thomas Spillmann, University of Helsinki, Finland
    • Assoc. Prof. Ellen Skancke, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway
    • Prof. Annerose Günzel-Apel, Veterinary University Hannover, Germany
    • Prof. Sibylle Kneissl, Veterinary University Vienna, Austria
    • DVM Marcus V. Candido, MSc, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Human Medicine
    • Dr. Marianne Udd, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland
    • Dr. Søren Meisner, Bispebjerk Hospital, Denmark
    • Dr. Perttu Arkkila, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland

Please find more information on the course and on how to apply here:

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