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NOVA PhD Course "Chemical and Genomic Insight to Host-Microbe Symbiotic Interactions" - Extended Deadline

The course will take place on 23-27 May 2016, in Copenhagen, Denmark. New application deadline: 15 March 2016.

Håkon Sparre
The course is of 2.5 ECTS and is organised by Assistant Professor Henrik H. de Fine Licht and Associate Professor Michael Thomas-Poulsen, University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Science (KU-SCIENCE).

Apply by sending an email with a one-page application and a one-page CV to novasymbiosis[a]

Course Description
Advances over the past years have provided a range of genomic and chemical tools applicable to research in host-symbiont interactions. This course will introduce and critically address these tools with the primary objective of providing PhD students with extensive knowledge of the applicability of tools to their own work. The course mainly addresses PhD students early in their PhD and who work with interactions between hosts and symbionts at the molecular level.

Symbioses are omnipresent and play major roles in the ecology and evolution of the organisms involved. The course will provide an overview of the diversity of symbiotic systems with particular focus on examples, where genomics and chemical tools have been employed to shed new light on interactions. Students will be introduced to applicable methodologies in microbial interaction research.

Main Teachers

  • Assistant Professor Henrik H. de Fine Licht, University of Copenhagen
  • Associate Professor Michael Thomas-Poulsen, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Annele Hatakka, University of Helsinki
  • Docent Taina Lundell, University of Helsinki
  • University Lecturer Sari Timonen, University of Helsinki
  • Assistant Professor Christine Beemelmanns, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology, HKI – Germany

Please find more information on the course and how to apply on the course information website:

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