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NOVA PhD Course "Molecular Methods for Detection of Food- and Waterborne Pathogens" - Open for Applications

The course will take place on 7-10 March 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. Application deadline: 7 January 2016.

The course is intended especially for PhD students using molecular methods in the field of food and environmental hygiene and related research. Advanced MSc students may also be accepted.

Link to application form:

The course is of 3 ECTS and is organised by Leena Maunula, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki.

Course Description
During the course the students will get acquainted with molecular methods used for detection of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in food. The main method is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and the focus is especially in quantitative real-time PCR and sample preparation. The students learn how to establish the methods, design primers, include adequate controls and interpret results. They learn how to identify the critical points in PCR, and troubleshooting lectures give help for challenges in PCR. Nordic experts in their field, both bacteriologists and virologists, will share their experience about applying the techniques in food, water and environmental matrices. The lectures together with practical demonstrations both in the laboratory and at the computer will give the students valuable tools and know-how for their research.


  • Basics of PCR theory
  • Principles of real-time PCR (SYBRgreenI, Taqman chemistry)
  • Real-time PCR method applications in detection of pathogens in food and water
  • Multiplex and nested PCR, reverse transcription PCR, digital droplet PCR
  • Primer design
  • Quantitative PCR
  • PCR methods in gene expression analysis

Main teachers

  • University Lecturer Leena Maunula, HU-V
  • Associate Professor Finn Kvist Vogensen, KU-SCIENCE
  • Senior Researcher Gro S. Johannessen, PhD, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
  • Professor Peter Rådström, University of Lund

Please find more information on the course on the course information webpage.

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