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NOVA Open Call 2015 - 3rd Round

It is still possible to apply for NOVA support for Nordic collaborative PhD and Master's courses for the third and last round of the open call 2015. Applications must be submitted to the home institution by 2 October 2015. It is an easy process to apply for support from NOVA. For successful PhD course applications applied for from 1 January 2015, independent of the 10% in administration fees budgeted in the grant, the Board will provide an additional grant of EUR 2 500 to cover administration, regardless of actual costs.

In 2015, there are three application deadlines for grant applications for PhD courses, Master's courses exceeding EUR 5 000, combined PhD and Master's courses and for course series. The Board will review applications three times a year. In the first round of the open call, the Board approved four PhD courses and one Master's course. Two of the PhD courses will run in 2015 and two in 2016. The Master's course will be held in 2016. In the second round, the Board approved 10 PhD courses scheduled for 2016. Applications are submitted in the NOVA online application system.

Application deadlines in NOVA open call 2015

Application deadline to home institution Application deadline to NOVA Board's approval Course implementation
19 Feb. 5 Mar. 26 Mar. Autumn 2015 or 2016
21 May 4 Jun. 25-26 Jun. 2016
2 Oct. 16 Oct. 6 Nov.


Information on the different funding schemes in the open call and how to apply


All of NOVA's funding schemes are presented on our website.

There is a local NOVA coordinator at your institution who can help you with information on NOVA.

Published 25. August 2015 - 16:38 - Updated 23. May 2017 - 19:19