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NOVA Board approved 10 new PhD Courses for 2016

Each of the 10 new NOVA PhD courses for 2016 will be presented in a course information webpage in August 2015. Please see the list of courses.

Korn - hvete
Håkon Sparre

On 26 June, the NOVA Board approved the following courses for 2016:

Course Name Organising NOVA Member Institution
Sustainable intensification of the agricultural production – the potential role of legumes in the Nordic countries AU-ST
Quantitative genetics in animal breeding HU-AF
Genetic Epidemiology of infectious diseases in livestock SLU
Decision oriented data acquisition strategies for analysis of sustainable forestry NMBU
Pathology of large animal disease models KU-HEALTH
Chemical and genomic insight to host-microbe symbiotic interactions KU-SCIENCE
Novel ingredients - processed for novel nutrition NMBU
Molecular methods for detection of food- and waterborne pathogens HU-V
Plant-associated bacteria: pathogens and mutualists HU-AF
Feed Efficiency in Dairy Cattle AU-ST


Published 3. July 2015 - 19:09 - Updated 3. July 2015 - 19:53