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Norwegian language courses

NMBU is arranging two Norwegian language courses this Autumn at Campus Ås. The courses will begin in week 37 (Tuesday 12 of September) . 

Norwegian language courses

There will be a Beginner course and an Advanced course:

1) Norwegian Beginner course           

Course code: LNG130

Tuesdays from kl.16-18 in room U120

Thursdays from kl.16-18 in room U120

For those who do not have any knowledge of the Norwegian language.

2) Norwegian Advanced course           

Course code: LNG135

Tuesdays from kl.18-20 in room U120

Thursdays from kl.14-16 in room U120

For those who participated in the Norwegian language course in the Spring 2017 and others that have some knowledge of Norwegian.



If you would like to attend one of these courses, you must register for the course on Studentweb.

You register for the course in StudentWeb by clicking on  My Active Courses --> Add a new course.  The course codes will be either:

LNG130 for the beginner course OR

LNG135 for the advanced course (for students that have some knowledge of Norwegian)


All participants are required to purchase the book NORSK PÅ 1-2-3 to be able to follow the course. You may buy the book from the Book Store on Campus.

Please check before registering that the course does not crash with your other courses.

Note: The courses do not award study points.

Published 27. January 2017 - 13:53 - Updated 5. October 2017 - 13:09

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