The learning environment

An inclusive environment

Universal design is the design of products and environments in such a way that all people, to the greatest extent possible, can utilise them without the need for customisation and special design. In addition there will always be necessary with individual adjustments, this includes arrangements both during period of study and examination.
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Physical learning environment
NMBU's study facilities are spread out over a large Campus.
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At NUMB an interdisciplinary project group has been appointed to specifically monitor and coordinate some of the work related to the physical learning environment for NMBU students.

The Learning Environment committee at UMB 

The Learning Environment committee at NMBU follows up the University Board's responsibility for the learning environment. The Learning Environment Committee consists of eight representatives, four from the institution and four student representatives. For more information: 

Student welfare offers at UMB
NMBU is renowned for its excellent student environment. For more information:  

Health, environment and security

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