California State University Northridge

  • Los Angeles.

    Los Angeles.


California State University Northridge (CSUN) is located in Los Angeles in southern California. It is a highly ranked university with a major focus on international students. For more than 30 years CSUN has received students from all over the world, each student aiming towards achieving their academic goals in the pleasant climate California offers. CSUN has many relevant courses to offer NMBU students.

California CSUN

Number of study places

Study Abroad: several.


Autumn: mid August – December.

Spring: mid January - May.

Selection of applicants

Minimum C in average is required.

Level of studies

Bachelor (undergratuate) and some Master courses (graduate).

Language requirements

4 in English from Norwegian 'videregående', or

TOEFL score 61 (Bachelor students), score 79 (Master students) internet based test, score 525 paper based test, or

IELTS score 6.

Recognition of study credits

One semester full time studies Bachelor level: 15.

One semester full time studies Master level: 9.

Courses taken previously by NMBU Students

BUS410 Business Development and Operation
COMS323 Group Communication
ECON307 Economics for Marketing Professionals
ECON311 Money and Banking
ECON350 Urban Economics
ECON360 Environmental Economics
MKT448 Digital Marketing

GEOG311 The Atmosphere
GEOG311L Atomosphere Lab
GEOL300 Enviromental Geology
GEOL301 Enviromental Geology Lab
GEOL351Fund of Paleo
GEOL351L Fund of Paleo Lab

ME390 Fluid Mechanics
ME375 Heat Transfer
ME370 Thermodynamics
PHYS375 Quantum Physics

URBS340A Quantative Urban Research Methods
URBS440 Community-Based Urban Design
URBS425 Social Politicy, Environmental Justice and the City
Drawing I
URBS300 Planning Theory
URBS480 Urban Transportation Planning
SUST300 Sustainable Perspectives
Emner anbefalt av CSUN

Emner anbefalt av CSUN

ECE240 Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
MATH341 Applied Statistics I
ME390 Fluid Mechanics
MSE227 Engineering Materials
MSE227L Engineering MATLAB
MSE303 Innovation/Inventions
MSE402 Engineering Project Mgmt
PHYS375 Quantum Physics
PHYS470 Introduction to Nuclear and Elementary Particles

ECE610 Fault analysis in Power Systems
ECE350 Linear Systems I
MSE227 Engineering Materials
MSE227L Engineering MATLAB


MSE303 Innovation/Inventions
MSE403CS Facilities Planning and Design
MSE415 Product Design
SOM466 Project Management

CM326 Soil Mech Tech
CM326L Soil Mech Tech Lab
GEOL314 Earth Systems
GEOL314L Earth Systems Lab
URBS400 Planning for the Natural and Built Environment

FIN355 Corporate Finance
FIN638 MBA Portfolio Management
MGT635 Human Resource Management

Tuition fees

Read more about tuition fees.


The University offers student housing on campus (6270 USD per semester incl. 10 meals), but rooms are limited and most students choose to stay off campus.

Visa / Residence permit

Visa: It is the student’s own responsibility to apply for a visa. A first step would therefore be to acquire information from the relevant country’s embassy.

Study visa: A student visa is necessary in order to study in the USA. You have to first receive a letter of acceptance from the host university before you can apply. The visum processing fee is currently USD $160, and the SEVIS registration fee is USD $180 - $200. The universities in the USA will issue a document for students to obtain either the F1 or the J1 visa. 

NOTE J1 visa: Be aware that this carries a clause whereby the applicant faces a two-year ‘quarantine’ period after the initial residence period, in which the applicant cannot apply for a permanent work or residence permit in the USA. However, this does only apply if the student received public funding, such as from Lånekassen.

More information: The US Embassy’s website 

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