Are you currently job hunting? Join our course, 21st of February

Topics covered will include: How to write a CV and job application in Norway, where to find jobs, how to differentiate yourself from other job seekers and give a good impression generally and a bit about Norwegian culture.

The course includes both teaching and practical exercises and will be held by th Career Centre at NMBU.

It is an advantage if you already have made a CV draft before the course.

The course is free and open to all non-Norwegian speaking students and PhD candidates at NMBU. Teaching will be in English.

Places are limited, so it is recommended to apply early if you really want a place!


Location: Clock building/ Urbygningen, U225, Ole Sverres Plass 1, Ås, Norway


Published 23. March 2017 - 15:41 - Updated 2. May 2018 - 10:21