Digital Diploma Certificate at NMBU

Digital certificate

The digital diploma certificate will be available in the diploma registry "Vitnemålsportalen". In the diploma registry, the candidates log in using BankID or their Feide login.

If you are going to apply for higher education in Norway, the results from NMBU (and other higher education institutions) will be obtained directly from NMBU in the application process. If you are applying for a job in Norway, it is recommended that the diploma registry be used to share results.

With this solution, you no longer needs a diploma certificate on paper in Norway. When the diploma certificate documents are stored in the diploma registry, the documents will be stored one place, and cannot be misplased or exposed to damage.

Some will still need their certificates on paper

Those who do not have a Norwegian BankID will not be able to log into the diploma registry after access to their Feide user ends. The main rule for you will therefore continue to be that the diploma certificate is issued on paper. If you are using your education in a country where digitally signed documents are still not accepted you must also order a diploma certificate on paper.

In a transition phase, it is possible to order diploma certificate on paper from here: Diploma Certificate from NMBU

A sustainable development

For NMBU digital diploma certificates will reduce the amount of paper and envelopes used. For each candidate, a paper diploma requires 5 to 10 specially made sheets, depending on the length of the education, a cardboard folder and 1 envelope. Added up there is a significant saving of paper and cardboard as the diploma certificates become digital.

We encourage you who for practical reasons does not need a paper diploma certificate to make a good decision for the environment and instead use the diploma registry.

Published 22. February 2023 - 8:29 - Updated 22. February 2023 - 8:46